Summer Activities for Indoors and Outdoors!

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone! Or should I say, Happy Blogmas in July Day 1!

I will be blogging everyday for the rest of July in honor of Blogmas In July! I am super excited about this because I have been missing blogging daily since I stopped in April! If you want to stick around and see daily blogs, this is your chance!

Since the heat is full on happening in Florida – like we are in the 90’s with heat index of 110. It’s SO hot, and it’s time for some summer activities that you’ll love to do!

Picnic in the Yard or Park

I have been wanting to do a picnic in the park for the longest time. I finally got the chance to do it! Try packing all the sweet treats and snacks in a basket and go to the park! It’s the perfect way to get out of the house and still be socially distant. I also got the chance to use my watermelon basket from Home Goods. Grab uno cards and get out there and have a little fun!


My Dad and I have started a garden in our backyard! It’s called Lenny Farms – get it? Lenore – Lenny? Alright I think you got it! It’s been fun to see all the veggies and plants grow! If you follow along my highlight on my Instagram called Lenny Farms, you can see all the plants grow! I’m always updating it! We are growing jalapeños, herbs, eggplants, pumpkins – EVERYTHING! It’s super exciting and I love it!

Here are some photos of my gardening on the first day of planting the seeds! It’s so cool to see the transformation from a little see into a big plant! Cannot wait to see the pumpkins!


If you are looking for a classic summer treat, click her to check out how I make my favorite s’mores of all time. Hint: I love to use peanut butter cups and Hershey’s chocolate!

Making Icepops

I recently purchased a ice pop tray from TJ Maxx and it’s perfect for the hot summer months! David and I put a bunch of different juices into the ice pop container and made some amazing combinations – lemonade and sweet tea, cran-apple and lemonade, pineapple and lemonade – so many combinations you can make and it’s SO refreshing! I highly recommend if you want to experiment with some juices in your fridge!

Playing Animal Crossing

I am obsessed with playing Animal Crossing. It is so easy to spend 3 hours on it and I wouldn’t even know 3 hours passed. My Island is called EPCOT. If you want my friend code, you should send an Instagram DM so you can come to my island! It’s a fun time as always!


Recently, my Mom and I watched Anne with an E on Netflix, and I became obsessed with Anne of Green Gables! My Mom is a big fan of the books and movies, so I decided I wanted to buy Anne of Green Gables from Barnes and Noble. So far, I’m loving having my reading time! It’s great to just sit down and take it easy – read a little and escape to a different place!

“Tropical Vacation Getaway”

I am wishing I could go somewhere tropical right now, but it’s not happening this year at all. SO, I’ll bring the tropical getaway to my backyard! I am huge fan of a mini inflatable pool! I talked about this pool a while back, but I am still obsessed with it.

This pool is from Amazon. Click here to check it out! It’s the perfect size for adults! I fit a whole floaty in there – it’s absolutely fantastic!

To make this the best tropical getaway, I grab a sweet tea or a White Claw, a homemade ice pop and a good book, and a floaty. That’s the bests combination for a get afternoon in the pool!

I hope this blog has inspired you to do some fun summer activities! I am so excited to keep doing these all month long and continue on our for the rest of the summer.

Get ready for more blogs to come in the next few weeks! BLOGMAS IN JULY in is full swing! I am so happy to be back into the daily blogging grind! I hope you have an amazing week!

See you tomorrow from Blogmas In July Day 2!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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