Edgy & Confident Style OOTD | Summer Fashion Lookbook

Cheers to switching up the look!! I have been wanting to do an edgy look for a while to jump out of my fashion comfort zone and today’s the day I get to share!

As some of you may know I love a cute, flirty, dressy look, but sometimes, I just want to change it up to something else! I paired a ton of pieces in my closet that I already had and decided to have a photoshoot in this outfit!

Let’s talk about how this look is breaking all the typical plus-size stereotypes – no short tight skirts, no cropped tops – those are my favorite parts about this look.

My Pink Floyd shirt is from Torrid. I did a blog back last summer about styling T-shirts. One of my favorite ways to wear them is with tying a knot and showing some skin! I love this shirt because I actually like Dark Side of the Moon. My favorite song is Money is anyone wanted to know! haha!

I added a yellow jacket for that pop of color! This jacket has been with me for a while! I got it from Ross and it is the softest leather jacket! It’s a little hot right now to be wearing a jacket, but it’s for the look! I had to do it!

The maroon mini skirt is from Torrid as well! This item is not on their website anymore, but it can be found on Poshmark. This skirt was one I tried on in my Torrid Dressing Room Try On Haul video on my YouTube Channel. I fell in love with the skirt! It’s perfect for all seasons, which is what I love about it!

I added a black thin belt with gold detailing from Torrid around my skirt! This was to add a more edgy feel the the whole outfit! Also, shoutout to the margarita that my Boss Lady photographed me with. The photos were too fun not to share!

I always am taking photos with my hair down, so I decided that this look deserved a change! If we are changing the look, we are changing the hair! I added gold hoop earrings and accessories for a pop of color!

Let’s talk about SHOES! I love these shoes from Torrid. They are the flatform leopard espadrilles. These were my first pair of espadrilles and I feel in love with these! Even thought the the leopard doesn’t match the look, it was kind of the whole point!

Let’s talk about CONFIDENCE. This look TRULY gave me a high boost of confidence. No, it was not the margarita. When I walked out of the bathroom from changing into this look I felt SO good! I felt free, I felt like having fun and just being funny and myself. I wanted to jump around and be serious at the same time because I loved myself in this look.

I think the message behind this look is to switch it up every now and then – you can end up surprising yourself! I ended up really loving every piece together and how I felt on the inside.

I hope this blog inspired you to try a new look or do something different! Jump out of your comfort zone and make it happen!

I’ll see y’all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 5!

Stay confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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