How To Celebrate Christmas In July | The Christmas In July Bucket List

Happy Christmas In July!

Today I’m celebrating Christmas In July with a blog on how to spread the Christmas cheer even in July! It’s a little easier than you may think to celebrate Christmas in July! I have the perfect bucket list of things to do that don’t take a lot of time and are subtle touches and ways to bring in the cheer into your weekend!

Put Out Your Christmas Decor

Just for a couple of days okay? Put out a mini Christmas tree and add a few ornaments to it! Add a christmas blanket to your bed or a little reindeer from out of storage. Just adding a little piece of the Christmas magic can truly make the day even more magical!

Make Hot Cocoa

Yes it may be hot outside, but grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and mini marshmallows! This is just fun way to remind you of the taste of coziness! Isn’t hot cocoa super cozy? It would totally work to put you in the “Christmas in July” spirit.

Start Christmas Shopping

This is a great tip for everyone! If you are wanting to get a head start on purchasing Christmas gifts, the is my PSA to start now. I have officially started making a list and checking it twice! Starting to purchase items and gifts in advance will help you once you get to December! You have 153 days, so let’s get shopping! Start making those lists – I will have plenty of guides this upcoming year for you guys, so make sure you are following and subscribe to the blog!

Bake Cookies With Christmas Colors

Grab your sprinkles, cookie cutters and cookie mix – we are baking! I always enjoy baking every year for the holidays. This is the PERFECT excuse to make a sweet treat at home! Bring out the cookie cutters shaped like gingerbreads and snowmen and bake away! Add sprinkles with red and green coloring for

Watch Elf On Netflix & Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+

End your night on the perfect Christmas in July note with a Christmas movie! I recently watched Elf and it just made me so happy for the Christmas season. This can be so much fun to watch with you family with a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy blanket and your freshly bake Christmas cookies.

I hope this blog gave you a few ideas and activities that you can do this weekend to have a day filled with Christmas Cheer! It’s super fun to recreate a day just to celebrate Christmas! Maybe even do a Christmas DIY or a gift swap! The ideas and possibilities are endless!

If you want some Christmas cheer in you life, then click here to check out my new video I posted “A Day in the Life of a Christmas Queen”

I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Blogmas Day 8!

Stay Confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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