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Hey All My Cheetah Sisters!

As some of you may know, the pattern that I love oh so much is cheetah and leopard. I have been obsessed with it since the day Cheetah Girls was aired on Disney Channel when I was a kid. That movie was pivotal in my life because music was my favorite thing in the world. Singing was a passion of mine and I honestly wanted to be a cheetah girl, not gonna lie! If you read any of my confidence blogs, you know singing was something that helped me gain my confidence and helped me get over some of the hardest struggles of body shaming I’ve ever had to go through. When no one was there, I knew I always had my voice – my singing voice and for that reason I get to blog about one of my favorite styles that makes me truly feel my most confident. Sometimes, it’s more than a patten. It’s a feeling.

This cheetahlicious dress is from H&M. I have a funny story about this dress. I purchased it at the H&M in New Orleans right on Decatur Street. I didn’t even think I could fit into anything in H&M anymore. While shopping around in the store, dreaming about beignets outside of the store, I found out there was no plus size section in that store – until I found this dress. I looked around the whole store and found this cheetah print dress.

I tried it on in the dressing room and mini dance party in there because of the following: 1. I was trying on an outfit with cheetah print, 2. The person told me there was no plus size options in the store for me, but look at me I’m wearing it, 3. It’s the perfect length for me and has extra room, 4. It’s an XXL which was just so exciting for me, 5. I was in New Orleans and eating beignets afterwards. (Long list – I know!)

To say this dress is the cutest dress for any season is the absolute truest statement. I can see myself obviously wearing this in the summer, but also – hello FALL! This dress was meant to be mine when I saw it on the shelf. Similar to my Macy’s Dress I recently blogged about. The dress is so comfortable and flowy.

The dress is an absolute beauty! I love the flow of the dress with the tier style. You would think with long sleeves that it would be super hot in this outfit, but I could honestly live in this dress even if it was 99 degrees outside. It’s that comfty and light weight!

This photoshoot I literally was having the time of my life because this dress made me feel SO confident! Not only do I feel it in my bones, but my outfit represented my happiness! I styled the dress with minimal accessories. I took a Torrid black belt and tied it around the dress to add a little definition. The dress is super flowy and big, so I wanted to add just a little shape to it.

Of course, I had to style any outfit and all outfits with my Torrid straw boater hat. I am getting my use out of this hat this summer y’all! It’s an definite essential for anything outfit this summer.

Shoes, shoes, shoes! I love these cheetah print shoes from Bealls Outlet! They were only $16 and have been on my feet most of the summer. I had to add them to my cheetahlicious outfit for the perfect icing on top of a fun look!

This outfit makes me so so happy! I can see myself in the future blogging about this dress again in the fall because I love it that much. Do you have any outfits or pieces from your wardrobe that make you happy? This is for sure one with a sweet memory of one of my favorite places in the world.

What is your favorite pattern to wear? Is it cheetah/leopard print like mine? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will see you in the next blog, Blogmas Day 11! (Yes, I skipped a day because I was too busy listening to Forklore)

Happy Almost August!

Stay Confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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