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Happy Thursday!

This past January I traveled to New York City, but I never had a chance to blog about some of my favorite outfits I’ve ever done in the city that never sleeps. New York was the first city I ever flew to back in 2015. It was one of the most magical experiences I ever had. That trip in July 2015 gave me the confidence to travel all around the U.S.

This trip was a fun and memorable one because I got to experience the cold and finally go to places I’ve always wanted to see; wear the fashion I’ve always want to wear. I know all of us are having travel fever – I do for sure!

I have tons of photos I haven’t shared from this trip and I’ve been wanting to share them for a while now, but I’ve been hesitant because it’s obviously summer! I will be sharing outfits from this trip every Thursday until I’m out of outfits so make sure you are following!

Let’s just talk about these are my dream photos for Times Square. I have always wanted a photo in front of a taxi, in the middle of Times Square with crisp air and the smell of hot dogs and random people in the background. I was honestly so happy and inspired by everything around me. All the lights – the busy streets – the honking horns – literally all of it! I know that corner near Marriott Marquis like the back of my hand from traveling there so many times.

This outfit has been an outfit I’ve wanted to wear in the city for the longest time. New York style is bold and trendy with mix matched patterns and textures as the key. I wore every single cheetah item I could find in my wardrobe that made sense to me for the winter in NYC.

We have a lot of cheetah and leopard going on with this outfit, but it was just so much fun to style all these different patterns for one look. My cheetah print coat is from Charolette Russe. This is the same coat I used in my Macy’s OOTD Blog, but I pretty much wore it the whole trip. The coat was perfect for the cold weather and I had to keep the cheetah trend going!

I had purchased the cutest cheetah printed leggings from Torrid before this trip. I knew I wanted to style those right in the middle of Times Square. The leggings looks so cute with my basic babydoll top from Bealls Outlet. That babydoll top is one of my favorite shirts in my closet! It’s so simple, but it adds the balance that this look needed.

Let’s not forget I brought out the cutest cheetah printed shoes. My booties are from Bealls Outlet! I felt like total girl boss in these shoes. They are so cute and I will be wearing them this fall!

None of these color schemes of cheetah or leopard matched, but I was totally rocking this entire look, but this is the point. Fashion is what you make it and honestly, New York City is the place to try new things and be bold! I felt that the whole time strutting the streets.

The whole completed look gave me so much confidence and I wish I could go back and relive this moment! Confidence is something I work on everyday, so to be this bold in public wearing every shade of leopard and cheetah is a jump out of my comfort zone.

I also decided to wear on of my favorite beanies that helped make me feel cozier and warmer! This outfit is honestly one of my favorites in the city. I cannot wait to go back and stand right in the middle of the city again!

What inspired me to write this blog today is it’s National Cheesecake Day! One of my favorite stops to go to when I visit the city!

Junior’s has my favorite cheesecake of all time! I cannot wait to go back one day and get a whole cake just for myself!

I hope you enjoyed this throwback blog! I will see you guys tomorrow for the final day of Blogmas in July!

Stay Confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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