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Happy Sunday Funday to all you fair food lovin’ folks out there!

If you know me, you know I love the fair. Every year in February, I go to the Florida State Fairgrounds with my entire family to enjoy time with them and also it the amazing fair foods! From corn dogs to funnel cakes, you name it – we eat it! It’s what I look forward to at the beginning of every year.

We all know one of the iconic things about the fair is the FOOD! The Florida State Fair is doing something completely different this year, they created the ultimate drive up fair food event called “Fair Food Frenzy”. This is the first time in Florida State Fair history that they have created a drive-up fair food style event.

David and I decided that Saturday, August 1st, we would go up to the fairgrounds for lunch. Instead of going to fast food or order to-go from a restaurant, what better way to grab lunch than at the Florida State Fair! With cones and signs pointing towards the drive-up booths, we followed the road to corn dogs and fried Oreos!

Driving up was super easy with guided signs and employees ready to greet you just as if you were going to the fair. Once you’ve completed your full order, the cashier will put your ticket on your window. David and I ended up driving around twice because we were so happy to be there (and get a second round of food, of course). When ordering at the booth, you have access to the full menu filled with all your favorites from sausage sandwiches to elephant ears to cotton candy; this menu is jam packed with all the fair food icons.

Once you order, you pull up into any line sectioned off by cones. A food runner will take the ticket off your car and grab everything you ordered within seconds it felt like. If you’ve ever wanted to go to the fair just for the food, this is the event for you! You get your food instantly right in your car. There is a food walk-up area that you can park in and walk up to the food vendors. We didn’t try it, but it would have been amazing either way.

Two items in particular I was very excited for where the fried Oreos and lemonade. These are two classic I always have to get when I go to the fair. I find so much comfort in both a ice cold lemonade in a souvenir cup and powdered sugar deep fried Oreos. It reminds me of family, fun times and great memories.

In honor of my favorite fair drink, I dressed for the occasion and had no clue I’d match the souvenir cup. Major shout out to the vendor who brought this cute lemonade cup to fill the fantastic sweet drink. The straw had the cutest “lemon slice”. For this lemon lovin’ girl, I bought three of them. I styled a cute yellow summer dress with my favorite denim jacket and boater hat to feel like I was at the fair.

This is the true face of happiness! I was so happy to be at the fairgrounds, eating some of my favorite foods and enjoying the perfect sunny Saturday weather! Behind me, you can see there are cars parked, booths set up for food vendors and orange cones for cars to pull up and wait for their food. Everything was so organized. They system they use is better than any drive-up fast food I’ve ever seen. I’d rather drive-up to the Fair Food Frenzy than any fast food restaurant this weekend and next.

The fair had picnic tables set up in the walk-up area right near the lake on the property. The tables were set up with the perfect amount of space between them for the proper social distance. Families and friends can still enjoy all the amazing food outside of their car and have a perfect view of the EXPO Hall and the lake. This is great to have both options and still get to enjoy the food we know and love on the fairgrounds.

I highly recommend doing the drive-up! It’s super quick and your out within minutes! The best part was that you can pull off to the side on the grass and eat your food from your car and still enjoy the scenery of the fairgrounds. Seeing the elephant ears and fried Oreos booth from my car was just enough for me to really feel like I was at the fair. It’s one of my favorite booths I go to in February so seeing it made me really happy!

David and I filmed the whole process and ate so much yummy food on camera! If you want to see everything we ate and see how it all works, click here to watch my Summer Fair Food Frenzy Vlog! There are lots of funny moments and lots of food talk!

If you want more information on the Florida State Fair Food Frenzy Drive-Up Event, click here to check it out! Next weekend from August 7-9th, they will be at it again! I, for sure, will be parked out there next Saturday with a lemonade in my hand!

If you are looking for the perfect social distancing activity and something to do with the family, I 10,000% recommend going to the Food Fair Frenzy. It’s safe, fun and a great reminder of all the fun things the fair offers right to your car.

Thank you so much to the Florida State Fair for hosting such a fun event that is socially distant and delicious! I cannot wait for next weekend! I hope to see more events like this in the future.

If you want to see be go back again next weekend, let me know in the comments below! I can show my top favorites with you all!

I will see y’all in the next blog!

Stay confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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