What A Girl Boss Wants | My OOTD & Advice For a Girl Boss

Happy Fri-Yay to all my Girl Bosses out there!

I couldn’t wait to share with you guys this OOTD! This is one of my favorite looks I’ve ever done because I truly embraced myself as a girl boss with this one. In Florida, it’s too hot for pants, so here’s a cute business casual outfit that you can slay everyday and all day!

I have never owned a set head to toe with matching blazer and “pants”, but in this case, shorts! When I saw this set, I knew it had to be mine!

I shopped Torrid past sale for this pink and white striped blaze and the matching shorts for the perfect girl boss outfit! I knew I would love it becasue it’s pink and just because I am obsessed with blazers! You can literally wear a t-shirt or a cami and rock a blazer with it and look so put together.

Both pieces are sold separately, but of course I’m going to style them together! There are the perfect match made in girl boss heaven!

Let’s talk quality! The shorts feel so great and high quality! I know that if I bend down, I’m not going to rip my shorts! These shorts feel a little thick but that’s because they used a really good material for the shorts. It’s almost a silky material, but it’s sturdy!

The shorts have functional pockets AND have that paper bag style that I love so much! They have a really nice zipper and a little metal buckle in the inside of the shorts too! The attention to detail for these is just a 100/10!

The quality of the pink and white stripe blazer is identical to the shorts which I LOVE; making this a true set that you can rock! The blazer isn’t like one I have had in the past with adding some patterns to the blazer collection for me! I really love it because it’s comfortable and I don’t feel too hot in it! When I took these photos, I was in 98 degree heat y’all. I didn’t even want to take the blazer off! This blazer makes me feel like I can do anything and run the world. It’s exactly how I want to feel when I am being a girl boss.

So, how do these clothes make me feel my most confident girl boss self? Well, there are so many things I was feeling when taking these photos. Whenever I’m taking photos, I put myself in the mindset of how the clothes make me feel. If the clothes make me feel like a boss, I’m going to channel my inner girl boss, be fearless, be strong.

I paired this look with my white bodysuit from torrid and cheetah print heels from torrid as well! I mixed patterns, yay! They are simple to the girl boss OOTD, but add a clean and fresh for the look.

Advice for every girl boss: Be Yourself. Be Confident with everything you do. Believe you can do it. Make your goals and plans. Dream every dream. Make the plans, goals and dreams happen because that’s what you love.

When I throw on a blazer, I automatically know it’s time to get the job done. Sometimes, I like to throw on a blazer when I’m writing a blog so I have the reminder that I am in girl boss mode. Do what makes you get your work done. From a blazer to a to do list, you can make it all happen if you put your mind to it. That’s that power of being a true girl boss.

What a Girl Boss wants is a cute blazer, her dreams to come true and to be confident in every thing she does – THAT is a girl boss. If you’ve got that formula, you are on your way to being the stylish and most successful girl boss you can be.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! I cannot wait to share more content with you soon!

Stay Confident!


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