Pretty In Pink of 34th St | New York City OOTD

Happy Throwback Thursday To All My Fashionistas!

I have a super happy blog from back in January where I styled a full OOTD in all pink in New York City! I actually forgot all about these photos and I am so happy to blog about these today! I miss traveling so much so I’ll be blogging every New York outfit until I’ve gone through all of them in this series!

When I travled to Macy’s this was the outfit I wore! I remember all my trips back to New York, one photoshoot I always wanted to do is in front of a subway signs for some weird reason. It was always on the photoshoot bucket list – yes, I had one of those for New York!

I really love this whole outfit because it was so pretty in pink! Pink is obviously my favorite color and just like my previous New York OOTD Blog, I knew the place to have bold fashion is in the city!

For starters, my pink coat completely stole the show! This coat is from Torrid. It’s honestly one of the most comfy and warm coats I own. I was freezing when I was in NYC. From being use to 80 and 90 degree weather, the 20’s and 30’s were so so cold for me.

I styled the coat with a fuzzy light pink sweater that I only wore for this shoot! It’s officially in my Poshmark Closet for sale right now! It’s the softest sweater top I ever owned from Forever 21. Its so pretty and I love that it’s so comfortable on. Sometimes sweaters can be itchy, but not this one! It’s like a blanket – 1000/10 y’all!

I paired the pink outfit with a maroon skirt that has made an appearance on my blog several times this year! When Torrid came out with this skirt, I saw it online and was styled in it by the amazing Autumn from Torrid at Brandon Mall! She knew this would be a skirt I loved and she was not wrong! A deep maroon was needed to balance my pink on pink!

I NEEDED to add tights. There was no going around it. I would’ve been frozen. These tights from Torrid are my FAVORITE. They are opaque and super stretchy. They don’t run the minute you dig your nail into it – that’s what I look for in tights y’all – being super honest – and they actually stay up! Going into the fall and winter seasons, you will need to pick up a pair!

Look at my pink suede boots. These boots – I cannot get enough of them. I miss wearing them! These were my go to winter boots. The velvet suede material was so soft and pretty. The pink is gorgeous! The boots were comfortable and fun to walk around NYC in! I am hoping they come out with a red color this year or maybe a white…who knows! I would buy it in all colors if I cold.

Last but not least, my accessories for the OOTD! This is like the icing on the cake y’all – better yet the sprinkles! I styled a pink pompom beanie from Charlotte Russe that I still love to this day and a pearl barrette from Bealls Outlet. I had never done that combination of pinning your beanie with a barrette, but I really liked how it turned out! I styled a cute brown, tan and black handbag from Bealls Outlet with a scarf from Chinatown that I purchased the trip before this one in New York! It was the perfect piece to complete the look!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Throwback Blog to New York City! I love looking back at these photos and remembering how happy I was to be there. I cannot wait for next Thursday when I show you one of my dream places I went to in New York!

Stay Confident!


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