Summer Floral DIY Wreath | Easy & Quick Customizable Wreath Idea!

Happy Friday Crafty Queens!

If you didn’t know, I own a small craft shop called Lenore’s Crafts. It’s a business that I have always been interested in working on, but as of recently I’ve been doing tons of crafts!

This wreath is super cute that you can customize it with any flower! These wreaths are SO easy to make and only cost about $10 versus $30-$40 at Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Assorted Florals from the Dollar Tree (About 5-6 bouquets)
Metal Hoop From Craft Store

The materials are super easy to collect! Find some of your favorite florals in the Dollar Tree! these will look SO great once everything is pieced together. I found a variety of ones I thought were super pretty and I started to pulled and cut them off of their stems.

With a floral clipper or scissor, you can pull apart the bunches or you can glue them straight on to your metal hoop wire. It’s all about placement of the items! The trick with these wreaths are to place the florals on the bottom right hand side of the hoop.

First step is to put down the florals that have tons of leaves on them. I put down the florals that were big and full so I could have a good base to fill in the my pink flowers on top.

I clipped some blue pieces from the flowers I got and started glue them down any where I felt was empty and needed a of pop of color. This is really customizable to your style of florals you like. I really loved the white, pink and blue poppy looking flowers. I thought they would perfect in my room! Glue all your base pieces on curving to the right to make it flow. I glued the florals to each other and to the hoop as I went around bottom.

I pulled the white and pink flowers off of the stems and decided that I would glue them on to the greenery for a pop of color and to give the wreath some depth.

I glued the backs of the petals and placed them randomly all over the greenery. You can do it however you would like! I placed them in random spots to make it look a little messy and not a true pattern.

Once you glued down your pieces of flowers you are done! It’s so easy and took less than 20 minutes to make this. I have more trouble with my glue gun than making this wreath! It’s great to fall coming up too!

If you try out this DIY let me know in the comments below and tag me on Instagram if you do! I love these so much and cannot wait to make one for fall! It looks so designer, but you made it in 20 minutes and for $10 or less!

Stay Confident!


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