I Dressed Like My Animal Crossing Villager | 4 Outfits Inspired By My Villager

Hello To All My Animal Crossing Lovers Out There!

I have a treat for y’all! I’ve been working on this blog for a solid month planning and prepping every outfit and buying from Able’s! I honestly have the same style in person and in Animal Crossing.

In case you’ve been living under rock, Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo Switch. I wrote a blog back at the beginning of quarantine about “5 Things Animal Crossing Will Make You Want To Do In Real Life”. Honestly, I still live by that whole blog! Another addition to that blog is this – “Animal Crossing will make you want to dress like your villager” – No? Just me? Okay! Let’s get into it!

Cheyenne on Animal Crossing is an exact replica of Cheyenne in real life. I wear a boater hat daily or always wearing something cheetah. This first outfit is what inspired this whole Animal Crossing OOTD blog. I knew I had this outfit in my closet so I said “let’s give this whole thing a shot”.

The Outfit That Inspired It All

In the game, I styled my yellow and white gingham skirt with a button up tie top and a boater hat. I found all the exact same pieces in my closet except for the fact that my gingham skirt is actually a dress from Torrid! This whole outfit is from Torrid! I was so shocked I was able to find all these pieces and compete the look. When I took photos near the flower truck, the ladies at the truck loved my outfit – bet they didn’t know they actually loved the style of my Animal Crossing villager!

My top is a denim shirt that I tied to look like the button up style of the top on Animal Crossing. I styled the look with my boater hat that has been on my head most of summer. A true essential in real life and Animal Crossing.

This is an outfit I would totally wear as a summer to fall transition outfit. Don’t be surprised if you see this outfit reappear again in another blog. I love it WAY too much. This outfit is a 100/10 for me! It’s comfortable and super stylish! All I’m missing is my shovel and a couple of fossils to give to Blathers.

This is an outfit I would totally wear as a summer to fall transition outfit. Don’t be surprised if you see this outfit reappear again in another blog. I love it WAY too much. This outfit is a 100/10 for me! It’s comfortable and super stylish! All I’m missing is my shovel and a couple of fossils to give to Blathers.

Fauna’s Surprise Gift

One of my favorite villagers on my EPCOT Island is Fauna. She is the sweetest dearie ever – love her the most and never want her to leave EPCOT. Her and I always trade fashion gifts and one day she gave me the cutest sunflower dress!

I didn’t think I was going to get this outfit too close to the exact outfit on Animal Crossing, but it’s pretty close! I knew when Fauna gifted me the dress I had to create it for the blog. It’s fun and flowy – perfect for the hot Florida heat and the heat of EPCOT!

Sunflowers are my favorite so of course this dress from Forever 21 was in my closet! It’s like Fauna knew I wanted to do this blog. I love sundresses and this is the perfect outfit for my villager and me! I love that my villagers already know my style!

Of course I had to style this had with a floppy hat! My character on Animal Crossing wears a hat 24/7. Honestly, it’s her signature look and it’s mine too in real life. So many similarities! My hat is from Bealls Outlet – the perfect floppy hat for the summer! It has a cute little bow too – gotta love a bow!

This dress totally makes me want to water my flowers on my island and get Nook Miles for it. Maybe plant some fruit trees in my orchard? All the above!

Lemons Make Lemonade & Money Trees Make You 30K

This is hands down my favorite to create for this blog! I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get a lemon skirt and I remembered that I had a lemon dress. This is a dress y’all not a skirt! I was just a surprised as you guys are!

This is my favorite style that I never have actually tried before! I add a top to a summer dress and made it a cute fall transition piece! I really love the colors and how vibrant they are! I am obsessed with yellow and think it’s the prettiest color for summer and even fall, so I know I will outfit repeat in this for sure.

I had to put these tunnel photos by themselves because they are some of my favorite shots ever! David did a great job. Thanks Kokomokoko for helping EPCOT! (Those are our islands).

Again with the boater hat. Like I said, my villager loves it and so do I! It’s the perfect sweet accessory for this look! I need a lemonade stat with Bon Bon and Fauna and talk about who’s shaking the money bags off the trees.

If your looking to brighten up your life, add some lemons and yellow to your wardrobe because this put a smile on my face! I really loved every piece! The flowy sleeves added all the girly vibes and made it fun!

In this outfit, I can totally see myself digging up the money spot, planting a money tree and making some serious bells in Animal Crossing! Selling a couple of fossils and sharks? 1000% down for that! I have to keep up my bells to keep buying super cute fashions from Albe’s for my villager!

The Essential In Every Wardrobe – Animal Crossing & In Real Life – Cheetah Print

Cheetah girl, cheetah sister everyone! You know I buy my villager every single leopard or cheetah thing I see in Able’s. When I found these pieces, I know this would be a cute outfit to recreate for the blog.

I started out with my favorite Poshmark find of the year, a chambray skirt to resemble the denim skirt in the game. This skirt is from Torrid and it’s one of my favorite skirts I own! It had a belt attached to the skirt in Animal Crossing, so I added a skinny brown own from Torrid. This was such an easy outfit to recreate!

This cheetah top is not the same color as the one in the game, but you get the point! It’s super cute and girly! I can see myself wearing this again for fall. My villager has some serious style skills y’all!

The hat. We know. I officially bought every color in the game, it’s kind of sad, but I love it so much. Let’s talk about shoes, because I even got the cheetah shoes to match! It’s honestly my proudest moment being able to style the whole outfit head to toe in Animal Crossing and bring it to life in person!

The photos above are totally me trying to pull fruit from a tree. I was FULLY invested in this content y’all. No eyes were stung in the process.

In this outfit, I could see my villager meeting up with Aurora and Chrissy at the fake Starbucks near my house to discuss who caught the most bugs in the Bug Off and sip on a latte. A total fun day if you ask me!

I would love to thank Able’s Sisters for sponsoring this blog. Haha – I’m just kidding. I really wish, but I had so much with this blog and planning the outfits for it. It was great to express creativity and just pair random items in my closet to my villager in Animal Crossing. Even if you don’t play the game, I hope you found some fun outfit ideas to try out – no one will ever know it was inspired by a video game.

If you want to see more blogs like this, I will be doing more in the future so stick around follow along! Share it with your Animal Crossing friends & send them a letter at the Animal Crossing airport with the link!

If you do, add a boater hat as a gift.

I’ll see y’all in the next blog! Now I’m going to share all the trees on my island and check in at the ATM for my Miles! See ya!

Stay Confident!


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