Animal Crossing Reel : The Lemon Dress

About two weeks ago, you may of may not have seen me on your featured reels page on Instagram. The reel has now surpassed 1.2 Million views and I cannot even believe that is a number that is associated with my name. If you haven’t seen it, click here to watch it!

This honestly was one of the most amazing moments I could’ve ever asked for because I got the chance to meet and hear from so many new people! I have so many new faces and friends on my Instagram! I am so grateful for those who decided to follow and join my journey in blogging and creating plus size fashion content!

I had so many questions about where to find the lemon skirt. It was actually a lemon dress from Torrid. Unfortunately, they don’t sell it anymore. Have no fear y’all, I found a few on Poshmark!

I wanted to link them here so you all could go directly shop the Poshmark listing! These are different Poshmark Closets, not mine. If you shop these listings, tag me in it!




I want to thank everyone who found me through Instagram and decided to follow along! You are the best and I am so thankful for you!

I hope this helps since I cannot find the original dress on Torrid’s website.

Until the next blog!

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