This Is Chey-O-Ween | A Month-Long Fall Celebration

Today is the last day of September which means tomorrow I am launching something exciting….and maybe spooky?

Welcome To Chey-O-Ween!

Chey-O-Ween is a month-long celebration filled with spooky fashion, fall fashion, costume ideas, recipes, and party ideas even DIY’s! I have tons of things to share with you. I cannot wait for you to see everything I’ve been working on this past couple of weeks!

This is my favorite time of year to do DIYs, bake different recipes, wear fall outfits, and Halloween and spooky everything!

This was a perfect chance to share with you that this month is also my birthday! My birthday is on October 19th; I’ll be turning the big 25!

There is something about October that I love so much. It’s one of my favorite months of the year, not just because of my birthday, but I love the feeling of October. The wind and leaves, the pumpkin patches and spice, the spooky vibes – everything! I’ll be taking you along for a full month-long journey of anything and everything!

I have been wanting to go back into daily blogging ever since my blog-a-versary back in April of this year. I really loved it and this is my favorite month of all! Chey-O-Ween is daily blogging, so expect a post every day!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the first day of Chey-O-Ween!


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