That’s So Fetch | Mean Girls Day OOTD

Happy October 3rd to all my Mean Girls fans!

This movie is an iconic movie and the date – we all know is THE OCTOBER 3rd. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is the day Cady Heron decided to ask Aaron Samuels what day it was. It was October 3rd – hence why it’s Mean Girls Day! I pieced together a look that is perfect for today!

Today, I decided to make an all pink look in honor of Mean Girls! This was one of my favorite movies growing up.

Everything is straight from my closet! I of course had to style a full classic preppy look for my girl Gretchen Wieners!

I styled a pink and white striped sweater shirt under a corduroy pinafore style dress. This pinafore is from Wild Fable from a couple of years ago! There are a ton of these floating around Poshmark! I added pink shoes because there’s no way I was going to wear any other color. I styled the look with pink sunnies and a pink Michael Kors bag.

An accessory I had to add was gold hoops. If you remember Gretchen crying in the bathroom because she had to pretend she didn’t like her hoop earrings, you know this is a big deal! I added those in honor of saying forget Regina, and wear those hoops!

I styled the whole look with a classic box of Toaster Strudel! Of course, because of the iconic line “my father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel wouldn’t be pleased to hear about this”. I found out they had strawberry ones with pink icing…I was all about it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun blog! I had fun pulling all the pink things out of my closet.

Let me know if you want to see more costumes inspired by characters!

I’ll see you all for day 4 of Chey-O-Ween, tomorrow! In the meantime, I’ll be eating these pastries!

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