Scarecrow Chow | Fall DIY Treat

It’s time for a DIY Treat that you will want to make for your next movie night! If you love sweet and salty, your going to love this.

I have been loving any kind of trail mix! I am always in the snack mood, so this is perfect for my Halloween movie marathons. I wanted to do something fun with fall colors so this is what I made!

Here’s what you’ll need:
2 Bags Pop-Secret Popcorn Sweet & Crunchy Kettle Corn (or regular Kettle Corn works!)
1 Box Reese’s Pieces
1/3 Bag of Snaps Pretzels
1/3 bag of Candy Corn or Pumpkins (or both!)

I popped the popcorn first and added it to a festive bowl I poured in the Reese’s pieces and candy corn in after I let the popcorn cool so it didn’t melt. I added the pretzel snaps all on top! Now, the fun part – mix it all together!

I called it my scarecrow mix because the snaps remind me of plaid patches and scarecrows have patches! I love doing these types of mixes for the holidays. They are fun and super easy to recreate! I made this in less than 10 minutes.

If you make this for your next movie night, tag me! I’ll me watching Hocus Pocus and snacking on this mix!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next Chey-O-Ween blog!


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