Why I Love Being Plus Size | Plus Size Appreciation Day

Happy Plus Size Appreciation Day!

Today is a super special day because it’s the day we can get to celebrate all plus size bodies! I love that this day exists to share that all bodies are different and there isn’t just one size to beauty. Beauty is in all different shapes and sizes. I wanted to write something for today. I had something completely different planned, but this is very important to me.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have read about my confidence journey. This was a huge step in my life for the better. I changed my outlook and perspective on my size and learned to embrace it. If you asked me 10 years ago, “do you like being plus size”, my answer would be no. If you ask me today, my answer is YES, 1,000% yes and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Throughout my journey of acceptance, I had to learn how to love myself. It was no easy task. It has been a drastic change within the past decade from being bullied to being loved, something I never thought could actually happen.

My goal and mission in my life is to make other plus size girls feel confident and learn to love themselves. There are several reasons as to why I love being plus size. I could write for days about this, but I’m going to make it short.

Why I Love Being Plus Size

The Plus Size Community. This community is so supportive and loving. I cannot ask for anything more. I have met so many bloggers and creators through Instagram and brands sharing real people as their models. This plus size community is filled with beautiful creators that I am so proud of. I’m honor to be a part of the plus size blogging world. We are changing the world as people see it with our confidence and beauty! Beauty is beyond the sizing. In honor of Beauty and the Beast, beauty is found within!

The Places To Shop. The places to shop were so limited when I was younger. When I was in middle school I was a size 16 squeezing into a size 14 skirt because my school didn’t carry any size bigger than a 14. I remember the only places I could shop when I was younger was Kohl’s and JCPenny’s. Now, there are so many boutiques and stores that offer plus size clothing and extended sizes. This is AMAZING and it’s changing the fashion world. It was just last year when I learned that Old Navy had a plus size section and I freaked out in the store. The fact that I have a reaction like that shows that there is still change that is needed for us plus size gals.

Some of my favorite stores that carry plus sizes are: Torrid, Old Navy, and Target! Even Walmart has an amazing selection of items for inexpensive.

The Clothing. It’s all about the fit. When I was younger, I use to be so consumed by the label all the time. I used to look at the size and be ashamed of what the label said. As of a couple of years ago, I stopped looking and I started going by what actually fit me. Once I started to do that, my style changed. I was allowing myself to dress how I wanted to dress. I learned all about fit from Torrid. Their whole motto is to “feel the fit”. That changed my whole perspective on shopping for clothes. I have stopped worrying about my number and started caring about what makes me feel good.

If you are reading this today on October 6th, then you can head over to my Instagram and check out my story! I shared a ton of my favorite plus size bloggers and creators. They truly have helped inspire me in so many ways! Go check them out and give them all the love – not only today but everyday!

I will see you all tomorrow for Chey-O-Ween Day 7!


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