Fall Decor Essentials | My Favorite Fall Pieces

October is one of those cozy months that you just want to curl up on the couch, read a book and listen to wind blowing in the trees throw the windows! I love the colors of fall. The rust and burnt oranges, mustard yellows and black and orange plaid; it’s all so beautiful and I cannot get enough of it!

I have a few of new pieces I got this year that I am loving. I wanted to share them with you! I really didn’t go all out this year because I do love my decor I’ve had in the past. I just added a few more things to my fall collection.

Cozy Blankets

A super cozy blanket has been my go to room decor essential! I feel like I am buying a new one every year! This orange one is from the brand Max Studio and it was only $19.99 from TJ Maxx!

Boo To You!

This little ghost is the cutest! I found it at Marshall’s this year. This cutie was only $9.99! Such a deal for a good size decor piece.

Fall Decorative Pillows

I love styling decorative pillows all over my room. This makes it cozy and I love all the colors! Especially this long autumn leaves and pumpkins please pillow from Home Goods! It’s my favorite one I have for the fall.

The Perfect Little Decor Pieces

You may remember these little scarecrow guys from my blog last year, but they are still available this year at Hobby Lobby. They are only $2.99 a piece and make for the cutest little set! This year I got a leopard print pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. I put it right on my desk because I knew I wanted to look at it every day!

Candles That Smell Like Fall

I love finding candles at TJ Maxx or Home Goods for $10 or less! This pumpkin spice candle was $6.99! It was a super good deal and better than any Bath and Body Works candle. I have stop shopping those candles only because they are super expensive and I’m literally burning my money in candle form. I’d rather find an inexpensive one that still smells great and still get the same effect as a $24 candle.

Halloween Tree

This tree is my newest edition to my decor this year! I found this tree for only $9.98 at Walmart and I am in love with it! I pulled out all my Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments to add to this tree to make it super special. This is probably my favorite thing in my room now!

What kind of fall decor are you styling in your home this year? Comment down below!

I’ll see you all in tomorrow’s Chey-O-Ween blog for Day 8!


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