Donald & Daisy | The Ducks of Disney | Halloween Costume Outfit Idea

It’s Sunday Funday which means, Donald and Daisy Duck Disney Inspired Outfits!

Yesterday, I showed you my Mickey Mouse Disney Costume. I couldn’t forget the pals of Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Daisy Duck! The minute I knew I wanted to do this blog, I had Daisy’s outfit picked out first!

For Daisy I styled a cozy and fuzzy light lavender sweater. The long sleeve sweater was from Charlotte Russe. It was the perfect color for this Disney inspired outfit!

Of course, Daisy has a ton of white fluffy feathers! I pulled out my favorite vest from my closet for this one! My fuzzy white vest if from Cracker Barrel. Yes, the restaurant! I love shopping their store all the time. I found this one in 2017; still rocking it in 2020!

I added a cute white mini skirt from Bealls Outlet. This was an amazing find last year! I knew it would be the perfect bottom for Daisy Duck! For shoes, I couldn’t think of anything but my white cozy house slippers from Torrid. I wear these all the time and the are my favorite! I added a pink pearl headband to resemble her pink bow! Daisy was super simple to recreate and I had a lot of fun pulling things from my closet for this look!

Donald Duck! One of the classic characters from Mickey and Friends! He always had an attitude, so that’s why I made a pouting face! This was my favorite look, hands down!

I styled a white sailor style dress for this look. Since Donald is always in his sailor outfit, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear this dress. I added a soft blue sweater over the dress to add that iconic pop of blue!

I couldn’t forget a bow! I added a red bow that I made by hand and attached it to the top of my sweater. This was perfect because I felt like it really pulled the look together.

Going along with the sailor theme, I added my boater hat! This made an appearance in all my summer blogs. I had to bring it out for a classic Donald Disney Bound! I added a straw yellow bag for the pops of yellow in Donald’s outfit!

I hope these outfits gave you inspiration for your next costume! I had so much fun doing these outfits! Go checkout my last blog where I styled Mickey Mouse!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Chey-O-Ween Day 12!

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