How To Style Leopard Tops | Fall Fashion Staple

Where are all my cheetah/leopard sisters at! If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love anything leopard! These tops are ones I’ve had for a while from Torrid, but I knew I wanted to style them for fall.

I think leopard is a pattern that will never go out of style. It works for almost every season. It’s warm tons are perfect for a fall OOTD! Here’s how I styled mine:

Long Sleeve & Midi Skirt

One style I am loving this year is midi skirts. This year I purchased at the beginning this black button down midi skirt from Torrid. It’s so flowy and perfect for any season.

I wanted to style the midi skirt with a sheer long sleeve leopard print shirt. This is my favorite combo ever for a leopard print! It’s is screaming fall to me! I love how the skirt brings out the dark tons of the sheer top. This is for sure my go-to style for Florida fall!

This top was gifted to me by Torrid back in August – it’s like they knew I would love it! Both off these items aren’t on their website anymore. It’s so sad, but they always have the perfect amount of leopard on there!

With styling different tops and midi skirts, I am always tucking the shirt in. I’m becoming more and more comfortable everyday with myself and my style. I love how clean it looks and how easy it is to throw all these pieces together. Having a fun pattern really changes the whole look and makes it feel put together!

I, of course, added a cute black hat to go along with the fall vibes. This is truly a signature Cheyenne Lenore look. Leopard+Midi Skirt+Hat = Happy Chey!

Short Sleeve and Mini Skirts

Y’all have seen this mini skirt float around here on the blog a lot! It’s piece that is so versatile! I find myself always gravitating towards this skirt whenever I want to feel like dressing up.

With this top, I wanted to tuck in the front but leave the sides peeking out. I’ve seen this style in Pinterest boards and all over Instagram. I wanted to try it out and found that I loved doing this! Especially if something is oversized.

This shirt is very loose and flowy. I love loose shirts any time of year because it’s always too hot in Florida for all that!

The leopard top has the cutest details from the buttons to the little knot at the end (that you can’t see because I tucked it in). It’s a shirt that I can wear with shorts or a skirt!

Something I wanted to try different with styling this leopard top is adding purple to the mix. The skirt is a shade of maroon and my cabby hat is a light grayish puppy color.

I really wanted to incorporate a color that I’m not use to styling with the typically leopard print. This look made me feel super confident! I will find myself outfit repeating this again sometime soon. Which look would you rock?

I have more fun leopard print blogs heading your way! Stay tuned if you love this pattern!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Chey-O-Ween Day 18!


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