Pumpkin Lovin’ Girl | Why I Love Pumpkins So Much

Happy Weekend to all the fall queens out there! I am just going through all my photos this year from the pumpkin patches and I wanted to go through and highlight why I love these pumpkins so much. I know it’s pretty typical to always want to go to a pumpkin patch in the fall season, drink a PSL and feel all the cozy vibes that fall has to offer, but there is one thing I love the most. I love the pumpkins.

I recently wrote on my Instagram sharing with you all why I love pumpkins: “This time of year brings me so much joy! It has a lot to do with growing up I always was called a pumpkin. My mom would always say I was her little pumpkin. It just stuck with me. Her love for pumpkins grew on to me. Itโ€™s just a special bond I have with my mom that makes me so happy. Every time I come home from shooting these photos I bring a pumpkin home to show her – big or small, it always brings a smile to her face. Itโ€™s my favorite thing.”

This is 110% true. Every time I come home from these photoshoots, I bring home tons of pumpkins. Mini ones for a desk or a big one to carve, or a fun one to put near my mirror. I always come home to share it with my mom. She has always loved pumpkins her whole life.

My first Halloween as a 2 week old infant was a pumpkin witch. It was the cutest thing and I wish I could find the pictures to share with you. My mom would always say I was her little pumpkin. It always would stay with me and continue to grow on me. I used to love it when she called me that. Since my birthday is in October, my parties would always be themed Halloween and pumpkin related. I truly was my mom’s little pumpkin (and still am).

When I was younger I was bullied for not looking like the others and being the odd one out. I didn’t look like everyone else, and if you read my confidence journey, I didn’t believe I was pretty either. I was the different one in a sea of people who all looked, dressed and talked the same. They were the shiny round perfect pumpkins, I was the Cinderella pumpkin, full of bumps.

Just to put this into perspective – think of the orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Each one is not the same. Every inch of it’s curves are different from the pumpkin next to it, but when we cut it open, the contents are the exact same. Pumpkin guts and seeds and a whole lots of orange mess. We are the same on the inside, but just because we are different on the outside doesn’t mean that we keep creating bruises and imperfections to each other. Lift each other up, support one another and be kind.

When I look at pumpkins today, I see that pumpkins are just like us. Some are dented and bruised and grown on it’s side. Some pumpkins are stemless because they were mistreated. Pumpkins are flawed, but that’s what makes them unique. Not one pumpkin is the perfect pumpkin. We all have our flaws that make us who we are. It’s the pumpkins that remind us this time of year that it’s okay to have bumps and bruises, because no matter what they are still LOVED by all.

I wanted to dedicate a blog to my mama. She is one hardworking lady that deserves the most recognition for my existence. She is the reason I have my determination and drive to keep doing what I love everyday. She may not understand social media from time to time, but she loves watching my reels on my Instagram. She is following me here on the blog though, and you should follow too!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! It’s something different than what I have been posting recently. This one was truly special to me.

I will see you all in tomorrow’s blog for Chey-O-Ween Day 24! We are in the home stretch y’all!


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