My Favorite Fall Look | Jumping Out Of My Comfort Zone with Fashion

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite looks with you. It’s a style I have been rocking all season long, a little bit of leopard and a bold skirt. I find so much comfort in these pieces! Not only are they great quality and super cute, but they are from Torrid! Torrid is my favorite place to shop for all things fashion!

I recently shared with you all my olive green corduroy skirt. This skirt was featured in my All The Fall Feels | Pumpkin Wall OOTD. It is such a versatile skirt, I had to bring it out again!

I styled the skirt with my new leopard bodysuit from Torrid! It’s stretchy and soft – perfect for the fall with it’s dark colors! I have always been a little hesitant purchasing bodysuits because of my fashion fear.

As of a few months ago, I was not a fan of bodysuits. I was afraid to try the style because I didn’t think they would be comfortable. As I started to purchase them and style them, I started liking the style!

I worried it wouldn’t fit me right or it would be too tight. I knew the minute I tried Torrid’s body suits, I knew I would fall in love because I know they do fit really well.

I have been trying out bodysuits for months now, and it’s safe to say I really love them! I’ve completely conquered the fear. Now that I am fully on board the bodysuit train, I any getting them in any color I can! I’ve found that Torrid’s make me feel the most comfortable!

I love that the body suit is leopard, of course! It is my go-to pattern for fall! One this I loved about the bodysuit that’s different than ones I’ve seen is that it’s off the shoulder and it actually stays off the shoulder. It doesn’t pull up like other off the shoulder tops. It’s the perfect combination of comfortable and functional! I styled the look with my go-fedora from Forever 21 and my olive green heels from Bealls Outlet!

What is your go-to fall look? This is for sure going in the books as my favorite! It’s super easy to throw on and go!

Only a few more days left of Chey-O-Ween, I seriously cannot believe how fast the month has flown by! I’ll see you tomorrow for Chey-O-Ween Day 28!


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