Styling Items I Hate | Bodysuit Edition

This blog was a blog I wanted to launch back in the summer, but I never had the chance to!

I love to do this series where I style items that I have have avoided or disliked. This time, it’s BODYSUITS.

For YEARS, I refused to wear bodysuits. I didn’t like the idea of them and I was so afraid to try them out. I was so closed off to them. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to fit into them. I thought I had to have a specific shape in order to wear bodysuits. I feared that if I was to wear one, the buttons would unsnap and I’d give up.

That was 5 months ago. Back in April I purchased my a TON of bodysuits all cami styles or lace. This blog is to show you not be to afraid of fashion and to just try it. So here’s me actually trying bodysuits out back in the beginning of summer!

Blue Cami Bodysuit

I had just purchased my blue denim Old Navy skirt and knew this was the perfect time to try out the blue cami bodysuit from Forever 21. I tried it on and was instantly surprised that it fit. It is just like a cami tank top, but with the button snap. It actually was very comfortable!

I still wasn’t used to the bodysuit, so I was a little uncomfortable at first. Once I started moving around and realizing that it wasn’t going anywhere, I was starting to like it!

Forever 21 Green Bodysuit

I tried this bodysuit from Forever 21 because it had been in my closet for over a year. I was so scared to wear it because it I didn’t think it would work on me. Turns out, This was one of the softer bodysuits I tried, but I hated it. It completely set me back in my journey to fully accepting these.

It fit very well, I just didn’t like the color on me. I tried to style it with paper bag shorts and my summer accessories. It was not working for me! I was so over this bodysuit that I put it straight on my Poshmark. It’s not my color or my favorite. It was different, but in this moment, I knew I liked the simple cami style bodysuit.

Torrid’s White Cami Bodysuit

I finally invested in a basic white cami bodysuit. This one honestly changed my opinion on bodysuits all together. I styled this bodysuit so many ways! I had so much fun putting different outfits together and see what I really would use the bodysuit for!

I first styled the bodysuit with a leopard skirt! This was my favorite! I was so excited to try it out and actually do something different. Even though it is a basic cami top, I never had to worry about tucking the top into my skirt!

Throughout styling the bodysuits, I found that it was so easy to throw them on and go! This girl boss look with my leopard shorts and blazer sealed the deal for me! I was officially sold on bodysuits. I felt confident that everything was in place and more put together! I didn’t think after trying these I would love them as much as I was.

Low Cut Lace Bodysuit Bealls Outlet

Totally jumping out of my comfort zone in this lace pink bodysuit! I was so nervous to wear this one because I normally don’t wear a single thing like it! This body I found at Bealls Outlet for only $8.99. It was such a deal, I couldn’t pass it up! I love the pink blush shade of the bodysuit, it’s totally my aesthetic which made me feel more comfortable.

I added a blue denim skirt with the lace bodysuit. This bodysuit is one I am holding on to, but I don’t know if I’ll get much wear out of it. I think I’ll try out different styles in the future!

What’s the verdict? I LOVE bodysuits!

As of recently, I’ve been grabbing them for an easy way to complete my outfit. I’m not afraid anymore to buy a bodysuit. Sometimes, fashion can scare you, but jump out of your fashion comfort zone and you might find something you love! I cannot wait to keep styling them throughout my wardrobe and incorporating different styles and looks.

Do you guys like bodysuits or have you ever tried them? Let me know in the comments!

I will see you guys in the next blog!


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