We Need A Little Christmas…DECOR! | My Favorite Amazon Christmas Decor Finds

The holidays are around the corner and the decor is flying off the shelves! Have no holly jolly fear because I GOT YOU! I have tons of fun decor pieces in my room that I want to share with you guys. These pieces are all from different stores, but I found them all on Amazon! Go grab your cup of cheer and your Christmas onesie because we are going shopping!

Climbing Santa Claus

One of my favorite decor pieces I have in my room is this Santa climbing up the ladder! I love putting this Santa up every year. It has its own music and is so fun to watch! This decor piece is a must have if you are wanting to spice up your tree this year!

Climbing Snowman

My climbing snowman was a purchase from Cracker Barrel, but I found it also on Amazon! It’s a great was to add a climbing character to your tree but instead of Santa, it’s a Frosty the Snowman! It’s so cute and perfect for my Snowman themed tree.

Kicking Elf In The Tree

This year I went to Cracker Barrel, as I always do and I was checking out the tree ornaments . I found this animated elf legs swinging into the tree. I was so excited about it! I didn’t but it at the time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I checked Amazon and they had it cheaper! I snatched it from Amazon and was so excited to have a new addition to the Christmas tree this year! It jingles when the legs are swinging!

Animated Radio

This little radio was featured in my Vlogmas Intro! It’s what inspired the WHOLE video! I love this radio! I found a red one that is similar to my blue one. It has different channels like Elf New Network, Christmas Carols, and the North Pole Weather. It’s truly adorable and everyone needs a elf radio in their home!

If you check out any of these items on Amazon, make sure to use my affiliate link here!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 6!

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