DIY Christmas Ornaments! | Easy & Cute DIY’s For Your Christmas Tree!

It’s that time of year where our Pinterest boards are filled with fun ornament DIYs! I found a few DIY’s I wanted to recreate to put on my Christmas tree this year! Crafting has always been one of my favorite things to do. These ornaments were super fun and easy to create!

Button Christmas Trees

Here’s what you’ll need: buttons of all different sizes and colors, twine and scissors

With this ornament, you want to basically create a Christmas tree! I found a ton of different shades of green and stacked them from biggest to smallest. Finding different sizes and shapes make it unique!

Once You have all the colors and sizes you want to use to make your tree, grab your twine and start feeding it through the holes of the buttons. Do this until you’ve created a tree shape!

Top the tree with a yellow button or a “star” like button! You can create it in different colors and sizes! This is super cute and customizable. My mom is a big fan of collecting buttons so we had these laying around the craft room. If you collect buttons like my mom, this is the perfect way to showcase your collection every year!

Letter/Scrabble Ornaments

This is an ornament I have always wanted to recreate! I found a pack of letters on wooden squares at Hobby Lobby. I decided I wanted to glue them together to create an fun ornament!

Here’s what you’ll need: scrabble letters or wooden squares with letters, twine, hot glue, cardstock

Place your wooden letters on the cardstock. Once you have them placed where you want them, glue them down to the cardstock!

Glue the twine on the back of the ornament for it to be hung on the tree! Once it’s dry, it’s ready to hang on the tree!

I did another one with the word believe! It came out super cute! Its such an easy DIY that you can do this with any of your favorite quotes or phrases for the holidays!

I hope this blog inspired you to create fun and easy DIY ornaments!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 8!


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