Up on the Housetop Reindeer Chow | My Favorite Holiday Treat

A CLASSIC treat for the holidays is than puppy chow! For the festivities of Christmas, we change the name to Reindeer Chow! This is one of my favorite treats! I love to snack on this any time throughout the holidays.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Box of Corn Chex Cereal
Peanut Butter
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Powder Sugar
M&Ms Red and Green

Start off by melting the chocolate chips in a big bowl. After melting the chocolate, take a spatula and smooth out the chocolate. Add in the peanut butter while the chocolate is hot. I usually take two big scoops of peanut butter into it! It’s the best part!

Once the chocolate and peanut butter are combined, add the Chex cereal to the bowl. With the spatula, fold in the in mixture. Folding it will be better so you don’t have too many broken pieces. Make sure all corn Chex is coated!

Next, grab your powder sugar and get ready to make a mess! There is no glamorous way of making reindeer chow. I like to take a container with a lid or a Ziploc bag and add the coated Chex into it. This is where you get to shake the bag or container until the Chex is completely coated in powder sugar!

Once you coat the chex in powder sugar, add to a bowl and “style it”! I like to add M&Ms to the Reindeer Chow! It adds a festive color to a classic treat. One way to kick this up a notch is to add peppermint bark or something minty!

I hope you try out this treat at home for the holidays! I’ll see you tomorrow for Cheymas Day 13!


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