O Christmas Tree | My 2020 Christmas Tree Tour

One Christmas tree is never enough for Winter Wonderland! I have been collecting Christmas trees for a while now. Every year I have decided to get a new tree – as extra as that may sound! I love spreading the joy and cheer of Christmas. My favorite way to do that is to put up a ton of festive trees!

Rose Gold Tree

My most recent 2020 edition to my Winter Wonderland is this beautiful rose gold tree! I knew a bigger tree was out of the question as I’m running out of space in my room. I really wanted to have something pink, but what option than the color rose gold?! This tree is only rose gold and bright glitter gold ornaments. I topped it with a gold glitter star from Target! My rose gold pre-lit tree is from Walmart. I couldn’t forget about a tree skirt! This skirt is from Burlington! The cheetah girl in my couldn’t pass it up!

Snowman Tree

The snowman tree was my 2019 edition to Winter Wonderland! It is very special to me because I chose to create this tree from only snowman related ornaments. I found a majority of the ornaments I have on the tree at Big Lots and Cracker Barrel. They are truly my favorite kind of ornaments! If you want to see how I decorated it, click here to watch my reel!

Traditional Tree

This tree I’ve had since 2015. I’ve put up this tree every year since. I love it so much that it has a permanent spot every Christmas. This tree is filled with my favorite Disney ornaments from Toy Story and Star Wars to all my Gingerbread houses and gingerbread girls and boys. This one is sure to bring out all the festivities. This is the tree where I get to put all the red and greens, burlap and felt filled ornaments. Most of these ornaments are from Cracker Barrel and Craft Shows.

Flocked Tree

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas! This tree is the tree of my dreams! I love it so much! I bought it the first year I did Vlogmas in 2018. This Tree isn’t fully decorated to the way I would normally do it, but I wanted to enjoy the beauty of the flocked branches! This is the tree that I would normally add all my red and white ornaments to for the classic Christmas look!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! I love looking back to see how my Christmas trees look, so this was a fun blog to create!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 15! A really special day!


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