Deck The Halls With Christmas DIY’s | Easy and Quick DIY’s for the Holidays!

Ever want to do DIY’s and felt like they were impossible? I have a couple DIY’s that will make you want to grab your glue gun, a glass of eggnog and deck the halls! These are so easy you can do them within minutes! These are last minute DIY’s that can spice up your tree and make the holidays special with a personal touch!

Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments

What you’ll need: Lots of different ribbons, cinnamon sticks (from the craft store) , scissors

Cut all the ribbons you would like to use on your tree ornament in different sizes. The longer the length the better. Take out the cinnamon sticks from the package and start to tie the ribbon pieces to the cinnamon stick. Leave about 2 inches of cinnamon stick visible at the bottom of the stick. This will act as the stump of the tree.

Once you have good amount of ribbons on the cinnamon stick. Cut the ribbons into a tree like shape. I started from the top and worked my way down to the last ribbon. It should look like a tree! With the shortest ribbon at the top and the longest ribbon at the bottom.

Add a loop at the top of the cinnamon stick with another piece of ribbon and hot glue to hang on the Christmas tree!

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

This is the easiest DIY EVER! It’s one of my favorite I’ve ever done and it was so simple!

What you’ll need: different sized embroidery hoops, your choice of fabric

Open up the embroidery hoop. Place your fabric you would like to use in the middle the the circle. Secure the fabric in by tightening the metal piece. Trim the fabric around the hoop which will leave you with the finished product! You can add a ribbon through the silver metal piece of the hoop to hang it on the tree! I did this to so many of my favorite fabrics! One way to spice this up is if you have a patch to iron on or a pin to place in the middle.

Ribbon Garland

What you’ll need: A LOT ribbon, twine, a strand of lights if you don’t want to use twine, scissors

Cut the ribbon into 3-5 inch strips. Then, take your twine and Make sure to loop two holes at both ends of the garland for you to hang it up! Tie all the ribbons onto the twine alternating different patters and colors of the ribbon until you’ve cover the twine with ribbon ties.

Make the garland however long you would like! I make it only 3ft long and it fit all the left over ties from the first DIY!

If you make any of these let me know in the comment below! I would love to see your DIY creations so tag me on Instagram if you create one!

I will see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 18!


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