I’m Dreaming Of A Fashionista Christmas | My Top 5 Christmas 2020 Looks

Cheymas has been in full swing for the past 27 days! The year is almost over and I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite looks from this Christmas season!

A look I didn’t really get the chance to talk about, but fully love is this plaid dress from Shein! I’ve always wanted a dress like this and I finally got it! I had never purchased from Shein before, but I was surprised at how cute the dress was.

My merry and bright DIY sweater takes the top pick as my favorite DIY in 2020! I love this sweater and won’t be surprised if I wear it again next Christmas!

My cozy black and red plaid jacket was my favorite Christmas jacket! I loved it so much that I bought it in black and white plaid too! This outfit is one of my favorites that kicked off December!

A Girl Boss Christmas was my favorite blog I put out this month! It gave you all the story of how my blog really got started. This outfit was a last minute midnight thought the night before writing that blog post. I’m really glad I did!

Last, but not least, my green Christmas dress! This dress and scenery truly made me feel like I was in a Hallmark movie! I loved being able to pose by the red truck and be able to experience a Christmas tree lot! It was so worth it!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 28!


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