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Happy Girl Boss Thursday!

All last month I was decluttering SO much. I really found myself decluttering more than usual and getting rid of the things that did give me joy, but the items that cluttered my life. I always feel the need to have a clean space in order to function and January was that month to declutter everything and get on the right path!

I wanted to share with you all the spaces you need to declutter right now! This can give you so much clarity and give you a refreshed space! Decluttering these spaces truly left me feeling refreshed!

Decluttering Surface Areas

This is one thing I’ve been trying to do gradually. I have realized I have WAY too many things out on surfaces and it’s just not necessary. Try using vertical wall space! If you can hang a shelf, and take it off of your desk space, that’s an A+ in my book! I will be doing this on a future project! 

Paper Clutter Out The Door

Paper is needs to GO! If you are holding on to paper, hold on to tax documents or anything that is VERY important. Get rid of the mail the minute it comes in the door. Do what you need to do to declutter that paper! I keep up to 3 years of documents just incase anything is to happen. anything past 3 years in getting trashed! This includes taking out all the receipts from your purse too! 

Clothing That Doesn’t Fit/Haven’t Worn In A While

If you have clothing in your closet that you have not worn for the past 2 years – it’s time for it to go! My secret is if I’m on the fence about certain piece, I will try it on and style it. If I can’t style it the way I like or it doesn’t fit the way it use to, it’s going on Poshmark! Poshmark is where I put all my unwanted clothing items! I’ve been selling on the app for 4 years with over 350 available listings that can be shopped right now. It’s possible to make those clothing items into CASH. You just have to get started by looking in that closet! 

The Sentimental Stash

I have realized that a lot of my clutter is sentimental clutter. I keep things to remind me of a time/day I had. For example, I love to keep my planners from the time I was in college so I can remember the things I had to do during that time. Don’t ask me why, but I loved looking back – I just threw it away today! I’m proud that I even though it’s something I wanted to hold on to, I have the memories in my head and on my Vlogmas of that time period. Try going through your sentimental stash every once in a while and see if there are things you can declutter.

Clean Out The Trunk of Your Car

This is a sad but true moment for me. I sometimes forget about the trunk of my car – not going to lie! It can get super cluttered with outfits for photoshoots, reusable bags, a ton of floppy hats and tons of other random things! This has been something I have procrastinated for a very long time and it was officially time for me to clean it out. Once I did, I felt so much better about going into my car. It felt different, definitely less stuff in it for sure!

Bathroom Products and Under The Vanity

Y’all I am SO guilty of keeping moisturizers or dry shampoos that didn’t work from me just because I spent the money on it. It’s time for those products that didn’t work or have been sitting in the drawer to be thrown away! I had moisturizers, shower gels, and TONS of lotions that I kept for no reason. Try decluttering that space of the things you don’t use or no longer need. I found that keeping these items are just creating less space for the items I do love.

I hope this blog helps you find a few places in your home that you can declutter! If you do declutter and put it on Instagram, tag me in the before and afters! I love tap to cleans and am thinking about starting those on my own Instagram stories.

I promise I am back and better than ever! I took January as a full month of prepping and getting my ideas in order for the blog. Y’all do not want to miss what’s coming!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for a new blog post!


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