A Desk For A Girl Boss | Desk Makeover & Styling Tips

Happy Weekend Girl Bosses! It’s officially spring and spring cleaning is in full session!

I wanted to share with you my desk make over! I finally have revamped my desk space! After a full year from home, I finally decided that it’s time to spice up the desk space. I had so many things on my desk cluttering this area, it was causing me to be unproductive.

Back in January, I posted a blog where I talked about decluttering your surfaces. When I tell you I decluttered this surface, I sure did! That was half the job of this makeover. From removing my makeup, random junk and Captain Morgan, I was able to clear space on my desk.

My desk is a place where I spend most of my hours. I am always working from home, planning blogs and content, editing videos and photos. I needed it to be a functional space with less clutter. I found that my desk was a catch all space and I needed to change that quickly.

Utilizing Wall Space

For the longest time, I had a DIY pegboard I made for less than $10 from Lowe’s. I decided that it was time to replace the pegboard that was completely non-functional to shelves.

These shelves were made by my Dad. I purchased four wall brackets, spray-painted them gold, and two white laminate shelf board all from Home Depot. The cost was only $24.00! This elevated the look from messy to classy really quickly!

Clutter Going Gone!

I had several things cluttering my desk that were not functional like frames and magazines, nameplate signs, and books. There was no other place for them but the desk section of my room. I knew I wanted to keep those things, but I knew that it was too much taking over my desk.

With working from home and also doing projects from home, I need a ton of space. All I want on my desk are a few things and that’s it! I need space to clear my mind and brainstorm plans. With everything cluttering the desk, I knew that I needed to pick up the clutter and put it on the wall.

Shelves Fit For A Girl Boss

Shelves are my favorite way to clear up surface space! I love having all the decorative styling items, but without the clutter. Styling shelves is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to room decor.

Styling shelves is just like an art and you use the shelf as a blank canvas! I took the things that were normally on my desk, and I put them on the shelves. From current reads to motivational signs and quotes, it’s all there!

My top shelf I wanted to add some height by adding my Disney magazines and a frame that says “She believed, she could so she did” and a “wake me up when I’m CEO” name plate. I added a plant on the corner of the shelf to draw the eye down to the second shelf underneath and for a pop of greenery.

On the second shelf, I added some of my favorite pieces! A pink letter board with the quote “if you can dream it you can do it” from Walt Disney and a frame with a Torrid Collab note that I will cherish forever! I stacked three books on it’s side along with a “fashionista at work” name plate on top. It’s a desk truly fit for a fashionista girl boss!

I am loving all the girl boss vibes this desk give off! It’s the perfect space for me to work on everything I need to do for blogging and for working from home. I hope this blog inspired you to clear up your desk for some Spring Cleaning motivation!

I’ll see you all in the next blog!


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