Countdown To 4th Blog-A-Versary | A Month Long Celebration

This photo is from last year’s blog-a-versary photoshoot!

You read the title right! It’s time for the Blog-A-Versary Countdown and month long celebration of daily blogging! A countdown leading up to 4 years of blogging on April 15th and blogs everyday of April! This is the moment I wait for every March and April and finally the moment is here!

What To Expect

You’re getting daily blogs from me! Expect a blog everyday this month in honor of 4 YEARS OF BLOGGING! I am so excited to be back on my blog game. I have missed writing and I always feel like the first couple months of the year are trial and error. Once April hits, it feels like a new year and a time to celebrate. Which it totally is! Last year I hit milestones I couldn’t believe over 300 posts and over 80,000 words written. It was an achievement I didn’t think was possible. Did you think 2021 would be any different?!

2021 is the year I put those dreams into action. Those small ideas I wrote down in a notebook will come to life. The endless possibilities of content I’ve wanted to share and finding new creative ways to share it.

Why I’m Doing This

I love celebrating every year my blog turning another year old. I went all out the first year, then the second and of course you can’t forget I filled an entire pool with balloons in my backyard for my third anniversary. I don’t know if I can top the pool thing, but I will for sure try. Filling up a pool sounds like a really great idea again…here goes the brain thinking!

This Is Not Only For Me, BUT For YOU!

I’m celebrating with the people that have supported me over the years. The people who have been there since day one, those that have been here for a while, and those that are just joining me on my journey. This blog is so special to me and it’s given me a voice. I tell everyone that my blog is my baby. It is my outlet to share my story and a way to express my fashionista style and girl boss state of mind.

I hope you join me this April all month long in celebration of 4 YEARS OF BLOGGING! I’ll see y’all tomorrow for the first blog of the Blog-A-Versary Year 4 Countdown!


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