How To Be A Poshmark Girl Boss | Beginner Tips & My Poshmark Secrets!

If you have ever wanted to start a Poshmark, here is the blog for you to get started! I have had several people reach out to me wondering how I run my Poshmark closet and how to be successful on it. First things first is the basics! I’m going to teach you step by step how I started and what I did to grow my account!

Just Get Started

It’s really hard at first to get started. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting listing items. Listing items consists of you writing descriptions about the item, letting the buyers know any flaws with the product and pricing. Listing also includes taking photos of your items! This means taking those photos in natural lighting or with a ring light, showcasing those true colors of the item.

Sales Will Happen

When I first started, I was doubtful that I would make a sale. I didn’t know what I was doing at all, so I continued to share my listings everyday. My first sale didn’t happen until 1 week after I posted my first listing. You just have to stay active and on top of your items! Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results, that just means you need to share more!

Sharing Is Caring

Speaking of sharing, sharing is the MOST important thing to do on Poshmark. If you have tons of items in your closet – share them daily. Take a few times out of your day to share your items in your closet to your followers and to the parties. When you share, you not only want to share your items, but share others too. This Poshmark community is amazing! Sharing other people’s items will then get those people your sharing to share your items and then there is a whole group of new followers that are seeing your items on their feed. It’s the circle of sharing! If you share someone’s items, they in return will share yours!

Staying Active On The App

If you stay active by sharing your items, sharing others, sharing your items to the parties and listing new items – you will SEE RESULTS! I promise you. I like to designate listing days, photoshoot days, and closet refresh days to look through my closet and find things to posh. This is key to the Poshmark Community.

Parties, Parties, Parties!

These parties are essential to the Poshmark Community! If you share to the “Plus Size Party” you can share listing that match that party theme. Thousands of listings are shared to these parties where you can gain exposure to your items. For example, there was one time I shared to the party and within minutes, I sold that item. Just share to the parties that correlate with the specific items you have in your closet!

Organizing Your Posh Plan

I love creating a schedule to where I put attention to my Poshmark closet. That mean Friday’s I may list my listings on Poshmark, everyday I share my closet items, and I attended a few parties daily. Saturday morning I look through my closet and find things I want to get rid of. Sunday’s I take photos of all the items! Throughout the week I may make a goal of listing 5 items a day. It just depends on my work load! Do what’s best for you and your schedule!

Bundles Are Your Best Friend

When there are bundles sold, this is ALWAYS super fun! This means a buyer loves more than one thing in your closet! You can put into place a percentage discount off a specific amount of items! This is super exciting because this will create more items to be sold in your closet. For example, mine is currently at 30% off 2 or more items in a bundle. That is the highest percentage you can go on Poshmark. This is located in the Seller Tools part of your app! This is the opportunity to talk to your customer. What I like to do is once the customer has created a bundle, I send an offer on top of the automatic bundle discount to make sure the customer is getting the best deal!

Send Offers To Likers

If you see an item is getting a ton of likes, there is an option for you to send an offer to your likers. This is great because by activating a discount, you can give up to as much off as you would like AND give a shipping discount. The people who have liked your item will be notified in the app and through an email that you sent an offer. This has helped me sell TONS of items within seconds!

Personalize Your Package

I love adding a business card, tissue paper around my clothing item and maybe throwing in a free item that I saw them like but didn’t buy yet. Treat this like a small business, and you will get returning customers! Pro Tip: USPS Priority Mail offers free boxes and mailers that can be delivered right to your house! They are FREE!

I hope this blog gave you all the tips and secrets to start a Poshmark closet! If you have any questions, you can always find me on Instagram @cheyenneolson !

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