DIY Succulent Planters | DIY For Spring Under $5

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share a fun DIY for y’all to do that is under $5.00! It’s super simple if you have paint laying around and want to add some plants to your life! These are super cute and easy to create some fun pops of color for your room!

Here’s what you need:

Succulent from Home Depot ($3.33) any kind of succulent you want
Terricotta Planter Pots from Dollar Tree, set of 3 ($1.00)
Any paint colors you want!
Paint brushes
Paint pens if you want to be fancy!

First, I laid out all my planters that I was going to paint! I found a pack of 3 at the Dollar Tree! I decided to pull different paint colors and make them fun for spring! One I decided to paint blue and pink waves, another I was going for a lemon, but it didn’t turn out that way! The last one I made into a watermelon planter which is my FAVORITE!

The blue and pink waves is so cute for my room! I cannot wait to style it! With painting the pots, I just went with the flow! Whatever you want to paint a fruit of a fun design, it’s up to you and your imagination!

On my watermelon planter, I added with a black paint pen little seeds like on a watermelon! It looks so cute! I made the little seeds into teardrop shapes to look more like the shape of a seed.

The yellow one was an attempt at a lemon, but I just went with white slashes on the pot! Maybe I’ll try again soon, but here are the 3 completed pots!

The last step you have to do is put your succulent in the pot you want it in! I decided to purchase 3 to match my 3 pots. I really love how simple this is, but can add a bit of greenery to your room or desk!

If you make a planter and start succulent parenting, tag me on Instagram because I would love to see what you create! This week is a super big week for me 4th blog-a-versary countdown in under way! See you tomorrow!


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