Spring To Summer DIY Handbags | Easy Fashion DIYs

I’m back with another DIY, this time, we are crafting with handbags! I have two handbags, on clutch and one tote that are plain and looking for some spring and summer spice!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Pom poms of any color you want
Plain straw handbags or clutch

This is a really simple DIY! All you have to do is find your handbag you want to glue the pompoms to! I found a yellow handbag on Forever 21 and a straw clutch off of amazon!

Before I glue anything down, I like to set up what the purse will look like with the pom poms on it. I decided I only wanted them on one side and I didn’t really want to keep a pattern on the yellow straw tote.

I started to glue down all the pom poms that make this handbag perfect for spring and summer!

I proceed to do the same on my clutch, but on the front flap. This one needed that pop of color! This one I decided that I wanted more pink pom poms on it, but still have all the colors.

These clutches retail for over $30! For a simple clutch, I purchased this for $12 on amazon and a pack of 100 pompoms for only $7!

I really love how both of these turned out! I think they are going to be such great staple pieces for my summer wardrobe!

If you are looking into spicing up your handbags from last year, this is a great way to do it!

I hope you all get crafty after this blog! Let me know what other DIY’s you want me to try out!

We are only a few days away from my Blog-A-Versary! I cannot wait to share with you all the content for the next couple of days!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing something very special and I can’t want for you to see it.


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