Day Beach Trip Essentials | What’s In My Beach Bag?

Last week I headed to the beach for a fun day in the sand and listening to the waves! I decided to make a mini blog of some of my beach essentials that I bring with me every time.

As a frequent beach goer, I don’t bring too much with me! But here’s what I bring:

A good book to read – right now I’m currently reading Anne Of Green Gables! Sunglasses, a beach towel, sunscreen ( I prefer to use something with tanning oils in it) and I cannot forget the Bud Light Seltzers! I bring water too to hydrate (it’s not pictured here)!

I also bring a beach chair with me and sometimes, if I know I’ll be out there a while, I’ll bring a blanket and a few snacks! Tomorrow I will be posting a new reel on my Instagram featuring this swimsuit and my beach essentials!

If you’re going to the beach, what is the one thing you have to take with you?

I’ll see y’all tomorrow for a new blog!


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