Ghosts & Ghouls DIY | Halloween Tree Ornament DIY

With it being spooky month, I decided that this year I make a Halloween tree themed Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that movie and I’ve always thought about making a Halloween tree but never following through. This year was my chance to make all my Halloween dreams come true. It was hard at first to find a lot of ornaments to style this tree so I had to resort to doing tons of DIY‘s to help make this tree come to life. Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite DIY’s I created and how it can be super customizable!

Here’s the supplies you’ll need: white or cream colored fabric, ribbon and black twine, styrofoam balls about 2 inch or less. Optional: black paint pen and felt!

First things first get all your materials together! What I liked to do was make sure I have the fabric laid out and ready to go!

I wrapped the fabric around the styrofoam ball and held it together. I cut the bottom to look jagged and messy! This is a fun was to get the Ghost like effect!

Once I had my ghost cut to the size I liked, I tried the edges to and tied the ribbon at the end of the styrofoam ball! This string will be visible, so you can cut any extra string off or tie in a bow.

For this DIY I stopped after I tied the ghost, but you can continue on which is why this DIY is so customizable! You can add a face with a paint pen or felt face and glue it on the front leave it plain!

I put all my mini ghosts around the tree so I had some pops of white around the Halloween Tree!

This was a really simple DIY, but it can be turned into a garland as well! With the string you tied around the bottom of the covered styrofoam ball, you can feed through a string and make the garland! Super cute and easy!

Will you be making little ghosts?? Let me know and tag me in your photos!


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