Easy Rustic Halloween Tree DIY

I have the easiest DIY for you all to try out if you are looking to start a Halloween Tree like me!

One of my favorite things I saw online was the wooden circle ornaments! I love these for Christmas, but I knew I wanted to write cute little sayings for Halloween.

Here’s what you’ll need: White paint pen, circle wooden ornaments from Michaels (pre made) or you can DIY your own with wooden birch, black paint and twine!

With my ornaments, I found a pre-made pack of 5 wooden ornaments with a black background. I decided to use a white paint pen to make it stick to the ornament.

I chose words that related to Halloween such as Boo, Spooky, Creepy, 999 Happy Haunts, EEEK!, and so many more! Hocus Pocus, Trick or Treat and RIP are just a few of the classic words I chose too!

This was super simple to help fill up the Halloween tree! It definitely gives the tree a pop and looks absolutely adorable! To make this a multi purpose ornament, you can use the other side of the wood to write a word relating to Christmas and hang it on the tree for the Christmas season!

If you try out this DIY, what would be your Halloween words?


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