Pumpkin Charcuterie Board | Halloween Treat Board Idea

To all my Pumpkinistas, it’s time to make one of my favorite boards I’ve ever made! This past year I’ve been really into making charcuterie boards. These boards have been one of my favorite things to create. As a pumpkin queen, I decided to create a board fit for a pumpkin fan!

Here’s what you’ll need: A circle cutting board, any orange snacks and any black/dark colored snacks

I started off by finding tons of different snacks that were orange that could resemble a pumpkin! From cheese puffs to pumpkin flavored pretzels, I added them in rows to resemble the curves of the pumpkin!

I used black olives, prunes, raisins and licorice as the black parts for the pumpkin! I made 3 total triangles and one smile! I didn’t attempt to make teeth marks with the smile because I didn’t have much space on my board.

I tried to find charcuterie boards that were circled and had a “stem” at the top. this help bring the pumpkin board to life!

It was so fun collecting different snacks from orange cookies to popcorn! I highly suggest doing this for a movie night to watch a Halloween movie!

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