It’s Pumpkin Spice Weather | My Confident OOTD

It’s the start of another week filled with lots of pumpkin spice! I styled this outfit a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had to share it!

This outfit is one of my simple yet favorite ones! The weather isn’t getting any cooler and my style is still staying the same, just with different colors. I styled a tee from Torrid that says “pumpkin spice weather”! It’s a super soft tee and of course I had to get it because of pumpkin spice!

I recently got a white denim skirt with a paper bag waist from Target! This skirt is one of my new staple pieces! It is a heavy and good quality. The skirt is from the brand Universal Thread!

I kept the outfit simple by adding a pair of leopard print booties from Bealls and a felt hat from Forever 21. It’s my signature look at this point for fall!

I felt very confident and comfortable in this look. Something I always tried avoiding growing up was showing the outline of my belly, but I decided that I was holding myself back from the opportunity to wear the things I always wanted to wear. 10 years ago I would’ve never worn anything like this, and it feels so great to just let go!

I hope to inspire you to wear something new that you’ve always wanted to wear! Try something new with your fashion and take a risk! You might actually like it!

Also!! This outfit is part of a viral reel on my Instagram right now! If you haven’t checked out my reel, you can visit my IG to see all about it!


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