26 & Fabulous! | 26 Facts About Me

Today’s my birthday! I am going to share with you 26 fun facts about me. I want you all to get to know me on my favorite day of the year.

1. I’ve auditioned for American Idol 3 times this year. Each time was a no, I’m okay!

2. I’m really good at Mario Kart and Mario Tennis. Don’t go up against me! I’ll be winning!

3. I don’t like chocolate cake. It has to be marble. No exceptions!

4. I have to go to Outback Steakhouse every birthday. It’s essential! Currently writing this fact while I’m sitting at the booth at the restaurant.

5. My favorite thing to do other than blogging is crafting! You will always find me crafting something together!

6. My favorite outfit to wear is any kind of dress or skirt! It’s truly my favorite style!

7. My favorite sweet treat is beignets. I love them so so much! They are the most delicious treat!

8. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I’m watching Bachelor and Bachelorette!

9. This year I determined what my self worth was. That’s the best and biggest fun fact of the year!

10. I have an obsession with pumpkins! I love pumpkin anything and everything! It stems from my mama! She loves pumpkins too!

11. My favorite reels to film on Instagram are my outfit transition ones and try on hauls!

12. My favorite song as of lately is Industry Baby by Lil Nas X. I usually have to listen to it 10 times in one day!

13. Next April, it’ll be 5 years since I started this blog! It’s so crazy to imagine it being half a decade of my life, but it’s been the best one!

14. If I had to chose between Halloween or Christmas, I’d have to go with Christmas! It’s such a magical time of year! I change my entire room into a winter wonderland. It’s fabulous!

15. My favorite small plus size boutique is Kervology. That is where this dress is from! I love their quality and how cute their clothing is!

16. My favorite coffee is Cuban coffee! Cafe Bustelo is my favorite! Cafe con Leche is my go to coffee drink! If I’m at Starbucks, it’s a pumpkin cream cold brew this time of year!

17. Something I love to do in my spare time is organize the pantry! It honestly brings me so much happiness to see everything organized and neat. I can blame TikTok for that!

18. I have over 400 items in my Poshmark closet. I don’t know whether that is good or bad! I have so many clothes up there ready fo find new homes! If you haven’t check it out, I am accepting any and all offers right now!

19. My favorite number is 19. I wonder why?! I have recently been seeing 10:19 every time I look at the clock! It’s crazy, but it’s a fun fact!

20. Last years fun fact was that I wanted to write a book. Well, this year I started! It’s a lot of work to get all my ideas down, but I know that it will come true one day!

21. Leopard will always be my favorite pattern, but gingham has moved up to a close tie! Cannot get enough of the gingham!

22. I have taught myself how to sew! My grandmother used to sew all the time, but she didn’t have a chance to show me how before she passed away. I know she is yelling at me from heaven on how I’m threading the bobbin wrong!

23. I love going to craft fairs! This is another thing I have learned from my mom! She loves going and I found that it was such a great way for her and I to bond! Supporting local artists live their crafting dreams is exciting too!

24. I am Cuban, but I cannot speak Spanish fluently! I am going to start speaking more, but I haven’t spoken any Spanish in a while! I can understand what is being said but I freeze when I don’t know how to respond. I’ll be working on that!

25. My favorite song to sing is Holy Ground by Taylor Swift! It reminds me of fall and it’s from the Red album! Cannot wait for November 12TH!

26. I think 26 will be the year of not only continuing to live the dream I’ve set out to live, but making more goals and achieving event greater things in the blogging and influencing world! I know that 26 will have even more opportunities than ever before!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You all are the best and thank you for reading my blogs all October long! I will be continuing to post content all through the rest of the month, so get ready for more spooky content on the way!


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