It’s Officially Pumpkin Patch Weather! | How I Style The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Look

Today the weather was perfect! I was walking outside and said I wish I could pick up my desktop computer at work and bring it outside to enjoy the nice 70 degree weather! It’s officially pumpkin patch sweater weather!

I wanted to share one of my favorite looks I’ve ever done! I recently blogged about my overalls and styling with a sweater, but I wanted to share how I would style with favorite color plaid and at one of the best pumpkin patches!

My overalls are from Target, the Ava and Viv brand, but I wanted to show that overalls can be worn with so many things!

This whole look is a target look! My shirt is one of my go to tops for fall. It has the perfect orange and cream color along with the ruffle sleeves! The ruffles always get me!

I wanted to style the overall with a lighter weighted top because the sweater I wore earlier this week was WAY too warm for Florida.

Having so many options to wear with overalls for fall is exciting! I had always wanted to style them and didn’t ever feel confident enough to wear them. Now that I have over come my fashion fear, I am thriving in these overalls and cannot wait to keep styling them throughout the fall season!

How would you style these overalls? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll see you all in the next blog!


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