Leather Dress OOTD | Jumping Out Of My Fashion Comfort Zone

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a look I have always wanted to wear but never thought I could wear! I made a impulse decision to buy this leather dress and had no idea what I was going to do with it.

My leather dress is from Eloquii Elements Collection from Walmart. It honestly surprised me how much I loved it! The dress was thicker than I imagined. When I tried the dress on it was super baggy on me but I knew I wanted to style it with a belt to cinch into the waist.

The minute I tried on the dress I felt like a whole new person. I couldn’t believe how confident I felt when I put the dress on. The sleeves are super baggy and puffy and the dress is the perfect knee length.

When adding accessories to the dress, I wanted to keep with the Monochromatic style and add all black tones of leather. I found this black leather belt from Walmart with gold detailing for only $10! It was such a great deal and I had to add it to the outfit.

When I saw this dress I knew I wanted to style it with a cabby hat. It reminded me of fashion you would see on Vouge or on a runway. It made me feel like I was an Instagram model and I felt good about it! I knew the minute I got this outfit on that I wanted to strut the streets!

So that’s exactly what I did! I added a black leather cabbie hat from forever 21. It was so inexpensive and a great accessory for the fall. To add a little spice and a pop of color to the look I wanted to style the outfit with my snakeskin boots.

Adding these boots from torrid made the look a million times better! I added a faux leather bag from Forever 21 to bring The elements of gold from the chain to match the gold from the belt. I love how simple the bag is and all the accessories help complement the dress.Every piece is such a staple piece that I know I’ll wear this again.

My question of the day for you is would you wear this?? I was so obsessed with this look that I actually might or this again this weekend. I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next blog!


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