Spicy Jalapeño Mummy Snacks | Halloween Snack DIY

Happy Halloween Weekend! I have one last snack DIY for you, another fun mummy snack, but with a spicy twist! I wanted to make something with jalapeños and found a photo on Pinterest to see how it world turns out!

Here’s what you’ll need: Cream Cheese, 8 Whole Jalapeños, 1 crescent roll package, I bag of cheddar cheese, bacon, optional: seasonings to spice up mixture: red pepper and paprika) google eyes edible

First step is to get your cheese, bacon and spice mixture together! We added two bars of cream cheese, 1 pound of cheddar cheese and 3 cooked bacon strips to the bowl. You can add optional spices such as red pepper flakes and paprika! We added it for more flavor!

Next Cut all jalapeños in half and cut the tops off of the jalapeños. Core the jalapeños and take out all the seeds and middle parts. Repeat this are all the jalapeños Until you have your desired amount that you want to fill.

Start filling the jalapeño shells with the bacon cheddar and cream cheese mixture. Once you have all of them filled to the desired amount, we can begin to wrap the jalapeños.

Take your crescent roll dough out of the container and roll it out. Cut the dough into thin small strips! For me this really didn’t work out well so I suggest using a pizza cutter to roll out the cut versus a knife.

Take your strips and wrap each jalapeño half like a Mummy. Leaving a little piece of cheese mixture exposed on the jalapeño towards the top to be the spot where we put our eyes. I wrapped around the crescent roll strips until the jalapeño was covered to my liking.

Once all the jalapeños were wrapped I added them to the oven to bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.

They turned out so cute and it was so much fun to make! I will definitely be making more of these easy appetizers for Halloween!


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