Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume | My 2021 Halloween Costume

We’re off to see the wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! growing up I loved the Wizard of Oz it was my favorite movie to watch over and over again. When I was little my mom always used to say that she had to buy the next size up shoes so I can keep dressing up as Dorothy. I’ve probably gone through about five ruby red slippers and five Dorothy dresses. I wanted to re-create a look that it’s a special one to me and one that is straight from my closet.

As a plus size girl it’s hard for me to find Halloween costumes to actually fit my body and that are not $100. Recently over the years, I found a way to style clothes from my closet as costumes! This year, I had the perfect look I wanted to create!

This super easy look to recreate! I started with Dorothy‘s iconic blue and white gingham dress. I’ve had this dress since the summertime and I absolutely love it it’s a linen material and super flowy just like Dorothy dress.

I added a white T-shirt underneath the dress so it had some of that white top look like Dorothy’s outfit.

Putting the shirt and the dress together really made that look pop. For hair of course I had to style the iconic Dorothy braids! I did my hairs as braids and added two gingham ribbons at the ends to match the dress.

Let’s talk the glitter ruby red slippers! These shoes were shoes I had in my closet that were pink suede. They were so dirty I didn’t wear them because I didn’t know how to clean them. When I was looking for shoes in my closet to diy, I found them and said they are perfect!

I added modpodge all over the shoes and added the red glitter all on top of the modpodge. to seal I all in, I sprayed it all down with hairspray! The glitter stayed in place and was such an iconic part of the look.

This costume won 3rd place at my work costume contest so I’m pretty proud of it! Also, that basket of the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion are all Barbies I had when I was little. The red basket was the one I’d always use when I was little too!

Today is the last day of Chey-O-Ween Blogs! I cannot believe the day is finally here! I hope you enjoyed this month long celebration of fun fall fashion, Halloween diy inspo and so much more!

I’ll see you all in the next blog! It will probably still be fall and themed because I love pumpkins way too much!


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