What To Do This Holiday Season | My Top 10 Christmas Bucket List Activities

Happy December 1st! I am so excited to announce Cheymas! I’ll be blogging everyday in December leading up to December 31st. I’ll be sharing my favorite fashion, holiday guides, Christmas treats and DIYs, and so much more. So get ready to jingle all the way with me this month!

I wanted to share some of my favorite bucket list must do things for the holiday season! These are things I know I’ll be doing for Christmas and helping me get into the holiday spirit!

Decorate The Christmas Tree: This is something I love doing while watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas music. It’s so much fun to do themed trees! I have a total of 7 trees in my room alone! It’s so extra, but I really love decorating trees!

Create Your Own DIY Ornaments: One thing that’s so much fun is being able to hang an ornament on the tree that’s yours! I have a few I made last year and tons I’m making this year. I’ll be sharing new one this month, but a fun way to get in the sport is to always be crafty!

Make a holiday beverage: drinking hot cocoa or apple cider or eggnog are essential to the holiday season! Whether you make your own eggnog from scratch or make a super decorative and festive hot cocoa drink, make something that you will enjoy. Make a drink for your movie marathon of home alone Or Hallmark movies! This will sure get you in spirit and taste delicious!

Donating To A Local Charity Or Toy Drive: something I love to do every year is donate toys or go shopping for kids in need. This is an opportunity to give back and still spread holiday cheer. If it’s one toy or one dollar or one small act of kindness you can help someone who needs it this holiday season.

Watch A Christmas Movie Marathon In Christmas Pjs: this is a super specific task for the holidays, but trust me just spend the weekend watching movies in your PJs with your family and it’ll be so magical! Set up a cute Christmas movie charcuterie tray, grab your holiday beverage, deck the halls and watch movies!

Go To A Christmas Tree Lot: if you don’t go to a Christmas tree lot, did you even Christmas? I love you getting a real tree for the living room. Real trees are so magical! I know I have a ton of fake trees in my room, but may be a real Charlie Brown Christmas tree won’t hurt! Going to the tree lot you see so many beautiful trees and the smell is amazing! Even if you go just to take photos, it’s always a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Making Holiday Treats: I am not the best cook, but when it comes to holiday baking I am a queen at it! This cookies above are store bought okay, but trust me – I can make a really great reindeer chow and sugar cookie! Put on some Holiday music and get your rolling pen! Make a few recipes on Pinterest or just keep following along on this blog because I’ll be sharing some great Holiday recipes.

Watch a Christmas Tree Lighting or See Christmas Lights: Going to see Christmas lights is so magical this time of year. I love driving by in the neighborhood or going to special light shows just swe what the community has done for the holidays. This is always a super special treat!

My favorite thing of all – Decorate

Writing A Letter To Santa: We are never too old to have the magic of Christmas in our hearts. Write a letter to Santa asking what you want for Christmas! If you go to Macy’s, and write a letter to Santa they will donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation for every letter they receive. I love to do this every year because it gets you in the spirit, helping children in need, and it’s super cute and fun!

I hope this blog got you thinking of ways you can get in the holiday spirit! Let me know what activities you’ll be doing down below.

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