A Gasparilla Life For Me | A Gasparilla Guide From A Tampa Girl Boss

Ahoy Mateys! It’s time to celebrate Gasparilla in Tampa Bay! What are the best spots to see the parade? Where are the go to good deals and bars? What do you wear to the parade? What’s this parade about?! What events are happening around Tamp Bay? I got you covered! I’m your guide to having a good time on Gasparilla Day in the Bay!

First off, what is Gasparilla? It’s an annual parade , started in 1904 where pirates invade the Bay and take the key to the city! The Krewe has a parade down Bayshore Boulevard and into downtown Tampa that’s over 4.8 miles. This parade is where tons of people dress up as pirates and parade floats are filled with beads and treasures! It’s always a fun time!

The Invasion is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see! Jose Gaspar’s Krewe will going through the bay in front of the Tampa Convention Center and the Krewe takes the key to the city from the Mayor! It starts at 1pm and is open to the public! It will be out of the port this year due to the weather!

The parade of pirates hosted by The Seminole Hard Rock of Tampa begins at 2pm! This year is special because it’s the 200th year of Jose Gaspar’s death! There will be a special surprise at the beginning of the parade.

The best spot to see the parade is near the convention center or Platt St! If you are looking for an area that is a little chill, go to Bay To Bay! That is where the parade begins and there’s tons of open spots at the gates!

Another great spot is Howard and Bayshore! Howard is the street where there are tons of restaurants and bars! Some of my favorite spots on Howard are Green Lemon for Tacos and Margaritas and King of the Coop for Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders!

Let’s talk about the OUTFITS! If you aren’t dress in your pirate gear, then are you even Gasparilla-ing??? Dressing up like a pirate is the fun part! Get to pick out all the gear is always fun! From belts, to jewelry, to bandanas, to fishnet tights, the outfits are a must!

I styled two outfits this year! I styled a leather skirt, fishnet tights, a flowy belled sleeve top, and added a belt bag for all my mini alcohol bottles, because yes, that’s what the pirates would do!

I styled my look with a pair of sturdy boots because those boots better be made for walking! I walked in these boots from Bay to Bay to Howard – down to Swann and in Hyde Park with these things. THAT is a lot of walking! If you aren’t from Tampa, just assume that was 3 miles because it felt like it!

My second outfit was more on the striped side! I styled two different striped red and black adding a pop of leather with the jacket since it will be cold for the parade!

Gasparilla also has the cutest accessories that you can purchase any time to be in the festive Gaspy Spirit! Click here to shop their Treasures!

Once you have your outfit, your set to roam the streets of Tampa Bay! Don’t forget to pre-game with my favorite drink of all, Captain Morgan!

Be safe! Drink Responsibly! And have a Gasparilla Festive Time! 🏴‍☠️☠️🖤📿


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