Honky Tonk Central Confidence| Nashville Monochromatic OOTD

It’s a Honky Tonk Good Olé Time! I’ve always wanted to go to Broadway in Nashville and rock an iconic outfit! This outfit was KEY to making my trip the best of the best!

When I found out I was going to Nashville, I knew I wanted to do an all blue monochromatic look. From the boots to the hats, I had to make it happen!

My fringe jacket that I’ve been styling all week was the reason I wanted to go with blue! I purchased my Levi’s jacket from Macy’s and found blue fringe on Amazon that I felt would pop and match my hat!

Mixing different textures of denim was super fun! I styled a chambray denim shirt from Bealls with my Torrid denim cut off shorts. These two pieces together I would have never thought of until this trip!

I styled the look with my Dingo cowboy boots from Russell’s Western Wear and added a blue hat to continue all the mono

There was something about this look that made me feel super confident! I loved being able to dress how I wanted to and feel good about doing it! I didn’t care about being in the middle of the corner of the street and posing or strutting down the street in my new boots.

I wanted to show y’all that you can too let yourself wear what you want to wear and don’t hold back from making that fashion choice you’ve always wanted to make. I would always see the cute Pinterest photos of “what to wear in Nashville” and not see girls that look like me. I KNEW I wanted to change that!

This jacket honestly was my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Don’t be surprised if you see more fringe and western wear in the future of my blogs!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and it gave you a little Inspo to get out there and go try something new and live your BEST life!


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