KRATE | A Night At The Grove

Happy weekend! I wanted to share a spot in Wesley Chapel that is new and super fun to try new foods, shops, boutiques and sweet shops! I recently went there and tried a ton of new things! Here’s what went down…

First stop, TJ’s Hot Dogs!

This spot was FIRST on the list because I love anything spicy! This hot dog was one of the BEST in Tampa! They have an Atomic Dog which is the ultimate spicy! I did a level 1, but it was still really yummy!

Next stop is right next door to TJ’s Hot Dogs, The Bacon Boss! I tried their famous patty melt and it was delicious! Sign me up for anything with bacon! They has so many different sandwiches to try, it’s a one stop shop for all things bacon and yumminess!

I wanted to take a quick break from the food to look around at some options for drinks! There is a place right on the corner called Blush Wine Bar. I tried the Frozen Rose and it was THE BEST I’ve ever had. It’s served in this cute plastic pouch that made it super easy to walk around with and sip!

To try out something sweet, I stopped at SubZero for nitrogen ice cream! It’s so cool inside how you can pick your own mix ins and see it being made from liquid to ice cream in a matter of seconds!

I stopped at Brew Bar, another drink place to try out their cool concept of loading a card, going up to the different flavors of wine, margaritas, beers to try! It’s like sampling your favorites and paying by the ounce! You go up to the machine, scan your card and pour! It was my favorite spot at Krate and definitely the reason I will be going back! The moscato was a 10/10!

This day was super special and shout our to Krate at the Grove for inviting me to this fun grand opening event! Will you be checking Krate out? Which spot are you excited to try?

I’ll see you all in the next blog!

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