EASY DIYS for Halloween | Bats and Frankenstein Oh My!

I am no longer a DIY queen, but I will say, if it’s easy – I can definitely try. So I tried it so you don’t have to, but if you like it… you might as well try it! That was SO the Libra in me talking… LETS GET TO DIYing! 

It’s Frikin Bats 

All you need for this DIY is my bat template, black construction paper and a white pencil. I have this stencil for you all to download if you would like to! I have seen several places online where you can buy bats, which is much easier that doing this DIY, but it’s the satisfaction of doing it yourself! I traced the bats with a white pencil on the black construction paper and cut out the bats! I taped the bats on my closet door because I do a lot of filming in front of my closet for get ready with me outfits. You can check out my most recent reel to see how they look on video!

Below is the template you can screenshot and save!

Frankenstein Ornaments 

All you need for this DIY is green paint, a black sharpie or paint pen, and clear ornaments you can find at your local craft store! To Start this project, you’ll need to pour green paint into all your clear ornaments. Take the top off of the ornament and fill them a bit and start moving the bulb around until everything is evenly coated around the bulb. Once I am done, I will flip it over into a plastic cup and wait about a day for it to dry. Once it’s dry, you can put the top back on and start decorating the outside with the face of Frankenstein. I took the black sharpie and drew the scar, eyes and hair. Once that’s done, it’s complete! It’s a super easy DIY and it feels nice to create something that is your own for your Halloween Tree! 

I hope these easy DIYs give you some options for your Halloween decor! Let me know if you try any of these! I’ll see you in tomorrows blog!

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