Gotta Shacket! | Fall Essentials Edition

Happy Wednesday!

I am going to start sharing all my fall essentials with you all! Here’s one of my favorites – shackets!

This shacket is from Chic Soul! It’s one of my first shackets I’ve ever owned! Shackets are usually a lighter jacket, which is very much needed in the Florida fall weather.

I love the gingham pattern that this shacket has. It is super soft and cozy and lightweight. I know that the color and style can match anything in my closet for fall.

I styled this gray and white gingham shacket with a top from Chic Soul. This top is a long sleeve rust colored flowing top which is perfect to pair with the shacket.

It’s super soft and comfortable and that’s exactly what I need for this weather in Florida. Because it’s still hot outside and the weather is not where I would love for it to be, I styled shorts with this look.

My shorts are from Torrid! They are the perfect cutoff pair of shorts to rock in any Florida fall!

If you are looking for a Shacket make sure you check out Chic Soul for their fall collection of all the pretty shackets!

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