Traveling 101: 7 Beginner Tips for Jet Setters

Hi Travelers,

I have done a lot of flying over the years and I have been learning different tips to help make your life a little easier in the airport. I recently went to New York City and used every single tip I have below!

1.Drink Water


Staying hydrated on the flight is one of the most important things to do. I typically like to purchase a huge Fiji water after exiting security so I can have it the whole flight to my destination. I forget to drink water sometimes, so it reminds me to keep hydrated while I’m touring the city.

2. Moisturizer


The day before I go on my flight, I do a deep cleansing of my skin with face masks and all so my skin can look great for pictures. I take the time on the plane to not put on make up and fly makeup-less. I use moisturizer before I go on the plane in the morning so my face stays hydrated.


3. Checking Incheck in

I usually arrive at the airport 2 1/2 hours early to check in on time, get through security and get to my gate. I love taking the extra time to relax or get business done. It’s better to have extra time than no time.

Check out how I keep busy with the things I bring in my carry on! Click Here to read! 

4. Eat Before Your Flight

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Purchase snacks before you get on the plane if you don’t want to eat peanuts! I love getting little snacks at the gate. If I do not eat them, I will take them with me to keep in my hotel room. There are also several restaurants available in the food courts at airports so you don’t have to eat airplane food.

5. Carry On + Purse

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Most airlines will let you bring a purse plus a carry on. I love bringing a smaller purse with me just in case I need to use the restroom and will leave my bag behind with a friend. I like to keep all cash, ID, cards, and boarding pass near me at all times so I know exactly where those valuables are.FullSizeRender 3

Tip: Don’t go over 50 pounds in each checked bag, you will have to pay extra fees! 

6. Wear Comfortable Clothes


I tend to wear leggings even if it is the summer. I wear comfortable and movable clothing. A baseball hat and sandals are the essentials to finish my wardrobe to the airport. A cardigan and dress are also super casual to wear as well!

Tip: Wear easy shoes to take off because you will be required to take your shoes off! 

7. Popping Ears


A cure to prevent your ears popping in the airplane is to chew gum on the way up and on the way down on your flight. For me, it is always easier going up than going down. Chew gum to prevent this from happening to you!

I hope these 7 tips will help you in your travels to your next destination!

Thank you for reading!

Safe travels!



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